[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors is a game that is enjoyed by both kids and adults worldwide. It’s a simple game but requires a lot of tactic and strategy to master. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, these books will help you polish your Rock Paper Scissors skills and leave your friends in awe. Here are ten books that you should read to sharpen your Rock Paper Scissors skills.

1. The Ultimate Guide to Rock Paper Scissors
This book is written by Douglas Walker, who is a world champion at Rock Paper Scissors. The Ultimate Guide to Rock Paper Scissors is an insightful read that takes you through the history of the game, different strategies to play and advanced techniques. It helps you to understand the mindset of your opponent and identify patterns in their gameplay.

2. Mastering Rock Paper Scissors: A Guide to Winning Every Time
Author Mark Rober provides readers with a comprehensive guide to Rock Paper Scissors. He explains everything from the psychology of the game to the various strategies that can be employed. With this book, you can learn how to read your opponents, anticipate their next move, and make winning decisions for every round.

3. The Art of RPS
Barefoot Doctor’s The Art of RPS is a unique book that blends Chinese philosophy with the game of Rock Paper Scissors. The author draws a parallel between the game and Taoism, providing readers with a unique perspective on their gameplay. This book will help you develop a calm and focused mind and improve your overall gameplay.

4. RPS: The Game of Champions
Author Jack Chelgren, a world champion at the game of Rock Paper Scissors, shares his insights in this book. RPS: The Game of Champions is an engrossing read that provides valuable insights into the game’s psychology and strategy. Chelgren also takes readers through his journey to becoming a world champion and shares his tips and practices.

5. Rock Paper Scissors: Game Theory in Everyday Life
Author Len Fisher delves deep into the mathematics and probability behind the game of Rock Paper Scissors. He takes a scientific look at the game, analyzing the various strategies and tactics used. This book will provide a unique perspective that goes beyond just the gameplay and help you develop a better understanding of the mathematical principles behind the game.

6. Rock Paper Scissors: The Way of the Tosser
Written by Zander and Slater, this book takes readers through the game’s history and strategies right from its inception to date. The authors provide readers with valuable tips and tricks to improve their gameplay and win more rounds.

7. The Game of RPS: Rock Paper Scissors
Author Jamie Brown takes readers on an enjoyable journey through the game of Rock Paper Scissors. This book is perfect for beginners, as it provides comprehensive information about the game, including the rules, tactics, and psychology behind each move.

8. Rock, Paper, Scissors: Game Theory and Psychology Applied to the Art of Strategy
Author Jeff Erickson provides readers with a comprehensive view of Rock Paper Scissors. He draws on his expertise in mathematics and computer science to provide readers with advanced strategies and tactics. This book will provide valuable insights to serious gamers who want to take their gameplay to the next level.

9. Kazoo Kombat: Rock Paper Scissors with a Kick
This book by Bill Severns takes Rock Paper Scissors to the next level. In Kazoo Kombat, players use musical instruments instead of traditional moves. This book is perfect for people looking for a fun and exciting twist on the classic game of Rock Paper Scissors.

10. The Ultimate Book of Rock Paper Scissors
Written by Michael Edge, The Ultimate Book of Rock Paper Scissors is a must-read for anyone looking to up their Rock Paper Scissors game. The book provides readers with a comprehensive guide to the game, including advanced strategies, tactics and much more.

In conclusion, these ten books will help you improve your Rock Paper Scissors game immensely. They’ll provide you with valuable insights, strategies, tactics and even some fun variations on the classic game. So pick one or more of these books today and become a master at the game.[ad_2]

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