AI Park in China with Rock Paper Scissors Playing Robot.

Artificial intelligence provides pleasure to your heart when you witness beautiful things that are capable to do many chores. If you love to see the ever-evolving technology features then you should definitely pay a visit to the first AI park in China that is situated at the east gate of Beijing’s Haidian Park which is opened by the Chinese technology company Baidu and has intelligent features which are powered by Artificial intelligence. You will be stunned to read about all the exceptional features of the park.

AI Running Track:

This intelligence running track is one of the first discovery, this amazing track makes the jogging experience more interesting and remarkable. At the starting, middle and also on finish point, there are face recognition detectors. The information of each person is recorded and when you are running on the track a sports leaderboard can be seen on the big screen. Calorie consumption, duration, running distance and also average speed is recorded. The running track is best for user retention and for providing a memorable experience, you can also get recommendations based on your performance.

Driverless Vehicles:

The park is also incorporated with self-driving vehicles for which the visitors can also make reservations for a free ride. The interior of the Apollos are very simple and can easily accommodate approximately 8 people which includes the safety officer as well. The car also has a screen on the top and bottom as well, one of them shows the road status and station status whereas the other screen is controlled by the officer in case of an emergency. These operate at very low speed within the park of 10 km/h. therefore, there are only a few chances of any accidents. When Appolo meet pedestrians then it slows down and maintains a distance of 6 to 7 meters.

The Future Space:

Future space is an area that has multiple features. First, it has an automated door that unlocks by the facial recognition itself. Moreover, there is an emotional recognition expert which recognize your emotions and then provide you with suitable scenery and background music. For now, it can only recognize happy and sad emotions. The “emotional magician” can imitate your facial expression and make an emoji of the same expression. The virtual characters will express the same emotions as you do.

Rock paper scissors robot:

Further, in the future space, there is the best part of the part. A human-sized robot which works as the tour guide. The robot walks very slowly and is not able to see you but if you block his way then he will politely say excuse me. Other than that the robot is also able to play rock paper scissors with you by capturing your gestures, learning and analyzing your decisions and work to evolve in order to increase its chances of winning. You can have fun with the robot by playing rock paper scissors in this amazing AI park. Maybe this where the winner of the next World Rock Paper Scissors Championship will train?

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