[ad_1] When it comes to music, breaking boundaries is key to stay relevant and distinguish yourself from others. Enter Rock Paper Scissors Records, a small, independent record label founded in 2010 in San Diego, California, by Andy Williamson and Ramsey Okota.

The name “Rock Paper Scissors” symbolizes the label’s commitment to working across all genres of music, breaking down barriers and bringing people together. And that’s exactly what they’ve been doing for over a decade.

Rock Paper Scissors Records focuses on championing up-and-coming artists and giving them a platform to share their unique voices with the world. Williamson and Okota have an ear for discovering talent that pushes boundaries and challenges the norm.

Their diverse roster includes artists such as The Gloomies, whose shoegaze-inspired sound mixes with elements of surf rock and pop; Nite Jewel, whose electronic beats and soulful vocals take listeners on a journey through time; and The Donkeys, an indie rock band that blends Americana, folk, and psychedelic sounds.

Rock Paper Scissors Records also collaborates with established artists who share their mission of breaking boundaries, including Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and RL Heyer of the alt-rock band The Stone Foxes.

Beyond working with musicians, Williamson and Okota are dedicated to social justice and community empowerment. They are actively involved in the San Diego music scene, lending their support to local charities, promoting music education in schools, and advocating for inclusion and diversity in the industry.

Their hard work has not gone unnoticed. In 2018, Rock Paper Scissors Records was named “Music Industry Innovator” by San Diego Magazine, recognizing their dedication to pushing boundaries and uplifting new voices.

As the music industry continues to evolve, small independent labels like Rock Paper Scissors Records become increasingly important. They provide a platform for artists who might not fit into the mainstream mold and help push the boundaries of what music can be.

And with trailblazers like Williamson and Okota at the helm, we can expect to see more innovative and boundary-breaking music in the years to come.[ad_2]

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