[ad_1] Innovation and progress are the keys to success in today’s fast-paced world. However, the road to progress is often blocked by various barriers that stand in the way of creativity and ingenuity. But, there is a new wave of startups that are breaking down these barriers using the simplest yet most effective tool – Rock Paper Scissors.

Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) has been a popular game among children for generations. But, it has now become a powerful tool for startups to solve complex problems, enhance teamwork, and improve decision-making. It may seem like a trivial game, but RPS helps overcome the psychological barriers such as fear of failure, lack of confidence, or reluctance to express opinions.

In the world of business, it’s often challenging to bring employees from different backgrounds and cultural norms together to work on a single project. Lack of communication and mutual understanding can lead to conflicts and tension in the workplace, and halt progress. This is where RPS can come in handy. When employees get together to play RPS, they drop their guards and focus on the game, ignoring their differences. This makes it easier to break down communication barriers and build relationships, encouraging a more collaborative work environment.

Moreover, RPS is an excellent tool for decision-making, especially when trying to choose between two or more options. It’s a simple and effective way to make a democratic decision that everyone can agree on. This can be applied in business settings for choosing between two companies for a partnership or even deciding on a new logo.

Using RPS as a tool for startups also neutralizes power dynamics. The game doesn’t have any hierarchies or formal rules, and it’s accessible to everyone, making it an excellent ice-breaker. This means that people who are reserved or introverted can participate equally in the game and express their opinions without feeling intimidated.

In conclusion, using Rock Paper Scissors as a tool for startups may seem like a gimmick, but it has been proven to work. It’s an innovative and creative way to break down psychological barriers, improve decision-making, and encourage teamwork. In the future, we can expect to see more startups using RPS as a tool for innovation and progress. It’s a simple game but, it has the potential to make a big difference in the world of business.[ad_2]

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