[ad_1] The music industry has been around for centuries, but it is experiencing a new wave of change. Rock Paper Scissors Records is breaking the traditional mold of the industry and reshaping it into something that favors the artists and the fans.

Founded by DJ, producer, and music educator Jay Sand, Rock Paper Scissors Records is a true indie label, dedicated to supporting the musicians who are passionate about their craft. Sand’s vision for the label was born out of his frustration with the major labels of the music industry. He felt that they were solely focused on profits, rather than the interests of the artists and the fans.

Breaking away from the traditional labels, Rock Paper Scissors Records offers musicians the opportunity to fully control their work. Artists maintain ownership of their music, determine how it is marketed and distributed, and receive full royalties on all music sales. In addition, the label provides a supportive community for artists, offering feedback and collaborating with them to create the best possible version of their music.

Sand’s focus on community extends to the fans as well. Rock Paper Scissors Records believes in the power of music to bring people together and create positive change. As a result, the label organizes events and initiatives that allow fans to connect and support the artists they love. These initiatives include album listening parties, charity events, and fan-focused festivals.

One of the major ways that Rock Paper Scissors Records is disrupting the industry is through its approach to streaming. Rather than relying on traditional streaming platforms that offer ridiculously low royalty rates, the label has launched its own streaming platform. Known as RPS Stream, this platform provides users with access to a wide variety of independent artists, while also providing a fairer royalty system for the musicians themselves.

This approach to streaming plays a significant role in helping artists make a living off of their music. The traditional streaming services pay artists just a fraction of a penny per stream, while RPS Stream offers them a much higher royalty rate. This allows musicians to make a living off of their music, which is crucial for sustaining a career in the industry.

The music industry is changing, and labels like Rock Paper Scissors Records are leading the charge. By putting the artists and the fans first, this label is creating a space for passionate musicians to thrive. With a focus on community, fair streaming, and artist ownership, Rock Paper Scissors Records is breaking down the barriers of the industry and opening up new opportunities for musicians to succeed.[ad_2]

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