[ad_1] The music industry has been dominated by major record labels for a long time, causing many independent artists to struggle to gain recognition and support. However, with the advent of digital distribution and social media, smaller record labels have been able to break the traditional mould and provide opportunities for alternative musicians. One such record label that has been making waves in the industry is Rock Paper Scissors Records.

Founded in 2014 by musician and entrepreneur, Shilpa Sharma, Rock Paper Scissors Records is an independent record label that exclusively represents artists from India. The label was created with the aim to promote alternative music genres such as indie rock, alternative pop, electronica, and fusion music, which have not received much mainstream attention in India.

The label’s unique approach has been to focus on developing artists not only in India but also on an international level. This has been achieved by working with a global network of partners and industry professionals to develop their artists’ careers. Rock Paper Scissors Records has also collaborated with several reputed music festivals and media channels, providing their artists with exposure to a wider audience.

One of the label’s most successful artists is Shubhangi Joshi, an indie-pop singer-songwriter who has been gaining popularity for her soulful vocals and meaningful lyrics. With the support of Rock Paper Scissors Records, Joshi’s music has been streamed globally and has received critical acclaim. Another promising artist on the label’s roster is the electronica artist, Nikhil D’Souza, whose music is a fusion of Indian classical and modern electronic sounds.

Apart from promoting new and emerging artists, Rock Paper Scissors Records has also been involved in nurturing talent from different genres. In 2018, the label released “The Sufi Gospel Project,” a unique collaboration between popular Sufi and gospel musicians, which brought together two different cultural and musical traditions.

In addition to promoting alternative music genres, Rock Paper Scissors Records has also been committed to social causes. Recently, the label organized a concert fundraiser for the COVID-19 relief effort in India, which brought together several popular indie artists and raised funds for those affected by the pandemic.

In conclusion, Rock Paper Scissors Records is a forward-thinking record label that aims to break the mould of traditional music labels. By promoting alternative music genres and developing emerging artists, the label has carved a unique space for itself in the music industry. With an inclusive and socially conscious approach, Rock Paper Scissors Records has proven that there is room for alternative voices in India’s music scene, and we can expect more exciting music from them in the future.[ad_2]

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