[ad_1] The music industry has always been a challenging space for artists. Getting a record deal, getting airtime on radio and making decent revenue from music sales has been extremely difficult. In such a situation, small labels, which are usually independent, have taken up the mantle of supporting new and upcoming artists. Rock Paper Scissors Records is such a label. They are challenging many conventions of the music industry and creating new opportunities for artists.

One of the key ways in which Rock Paper Scissors Records is challenging conventions in the music industry is by prioritizing artists who have a message. Often, record labels focus more on an artist’s commercial appeal rather than their artistic value. However, this label goes against the grain by looking for artists who are not just talented but also have a message to convey. The label believes that artists with a clear-cut message can bring about change not just in the industry but also in the world at large. This approach has seen them support many artists who may have been overlooked by larger labels.

Another challenge that Rock Paper Scissors Records is taking on is the practice of advance payments. Traditionally, most labels usually offer advance payments to artists to cover their expenses while recording their album, but Rock Paper Scissors Records is taking a unique approach. They offer support to artists during the recording process through a revenue share system. This system relieves the pressure on artists who may be struggling to make ends meet while recording their music. This support also allows a deeper collaboration between the artist and the label, which can result in a more authentic outcome.

Rock Paper Scissors Records is also breaking down genre barriers in the music industry. The industry has historically been divided into specific genres, and artists who do not fall into such categories are overlooked. This label is defying the convention by supporting artists who successfully combine different genres into their work. Since they don’t box artists into specific genres, they are free to create a unique sound that is not limited to the typical music industry categorizations.

Finally, in a world where technology has made it easier to share music, Rock Paper Scissors Records is utilizing digital distribution to deliver music more efficiently and cost-effectively. Through digital platforms, the label is able to share music with a wider audience without having to rely on conventional distribution methods, which have been increasingly losing their effectiveness.

In all these ways, Rock Paper Scissors Records is challenging the norms of the music industry and supporting artists in ways that many thought were impossible. By prioritizing artists with a message, sharing revenue during the recording process, breaking down genre barriers and embracing digital distribution, they are building a new future for music – one where artists are better supported and given more opportunities to express themselves.[ad_2]

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