[ad_1] The world of Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS) is always an exciting one, with players from across the globe engaging in fierce competitions to claim the ultimate victory. This year’s 2021 RPS Tournament was no exception, with participants bringing their A-game to battle it out for the prestigious title of RPS Champion.

In the end, it was the skilled hands and strategic minds of three particular players that emerged victorious. Let’s take a look at the winners of this year’s tournament, and how they managed to claim their crowns.

First up, we have the winner in the Men’s category: John Monteleone. Hailing from the United States, Monteleone stunned the competition with his lightning-fast reflexes and flawless execution, ultimately taking home the title. In a post-victory interview, Monteleone revealed that his victory was no accident, and that he had been practicing tirelessly leading up to the tournament.

In second place was Taihei Hayashi from Japan, whose strong showing throughout the tournament earned him the runner-up position. Hayashi stunned the crowd with his unorthodox moves and impeccable timing, proving that RPS truly is a game of skill and strategy.

The winner of the Women’s category was none other than Alison Cline, another competitor hailing from the United States. Despite stiff competition from some of the world’s best female RPS players, it was Cline’s quick thinking and razor-sharp reflexes that ultimately earned her the victory.

In second place was Aika Sato from Japan, a fierce competitor who battled her way to the finals with precision and cunning. The match between Sato and Cline was one for the ages, with both players displaying incredible skill and strategy.

Lastly, we have the winner of the Junior category: 15-year-old Ethan Hamilton from Canada. Hamilton shocked the competition with his raw talent and natural ability, emerging as the clear winner of the category. Hamilton’s victory serves as a testament to the fact that age and experience are not always the most important factors in the game of RPS.

All in all, the winners of the 2021 RPS Tournament are all deserving champions who emerged victorious thanks to a combination of quick thinking, strategic prowess, and lightning-fast reflexes. With the next tournament already on the horizon, it will be exciting to see who will emerge as the next great RPS champion.[ad_2]

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