[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) has been a popular game for centuries across the world. Despite its simple rules, the game has a competitive scene that is adored by players of all ages, and a subculture of top international players that are dedicated to mastering every facet of the game. The top RPS players have years-long experience and have achieved world-renowned notoriety. I have had the opportunity to conduct exclusive interviews with two of the topmost RPS players in the world, and the insights revealed about their craft are beyond fascinating.

Nanaka “Mimei” Fujisawa is a world-renowned name among RPS players and societies. She has been playing RPS professionally since 2002 and has won numerous RPS championships in Japan and worldwide. Surprisingly, Mimei initially started playing the game to kill time while waiting for a friend. She quickly became addicted to it and slowly realized that playing it professionally was the path for her. According to Mimei, the key to master RPS is to play differently depending on the opponent’s personality. She says that knowing the opponent’s favorite playstyle, their mood, and fundamental behavior will give you an edge, and every player has a particular pattern within the RPS pattern that gives them away. She has dedicated her life to the study of psychology to master the game and is one of the rare players who specialize in RPS mind analysis.

Another player I conducted an exclusive interview with is Takumi “chiritori” Hashimoto. Takumi is the current RPS world champion, having won the championship in 2019 in Toronto. What was fascinating about Takumi’s approach to the game was the importance he placed on physical and mental conditioning. He said, “RPS is a mental game that requires physical conditioning and training to succeed.” He follows a strict routine every day to practice his hand movements and keep himself physically fit. When it comes to mental preparation, he studies the game’s history and patterns to find new strategies and also performs meditation to improve his concentration and focus.

These interviews revealed that RPS isn’t just a game of chance but requires skill, mental ability, and preparation. Studying and analyzing your opponents’ habits and behavior can give you an advantage during a game. These insights from the top RPS players in the world are a testament to the dedication and passion that drives them to be the best at their craft. It’s clear that their specialized approach to the game has allowed them to master the art entirely, leading to international fame, recognition, and success. So, next time you challenge someone to RPS, remember, there might just be a lot more to it than you thought![ad_2]

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