[ad_1] Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS) is a game that has been played by people around the world for generations. However, it wasn’t until the 21st century that RPS gained a ranking system and international recognition.

The World RPS Society was founded in 2002 by brothers Graham and Douglas Walker, and its initial aim was to organize and run the first World RPS Championship. The event was held in Toronto, Canada, and attracted competitors from across North America.

The World RPS Championship became an annual event, and in 2005, the organizers decided to introduce an international ranking system. The World RPS Rankings were born, with the motto “From Local Tournaments to Global Dominance.”

The World RPS Rankings initially only tracked North American players, but as the game’s popularity grew, the rankings expanded to include players from around the world. By 2007, the rankings covered players from every continent, and in 2008, the first World RPS Championships outside of North America was held in Beijing, China.

Today, the RPS World Rankings cover thousands of players from over 80 countries. The rankings are based on players’ performances in sanctioned tournaments held around the world. Points are awarded based on the size of the event, the caliber of competition, and the player’s finishing position.

The World RPS Rankings have become a vital tool for the RPS community. They allow players to track their progress, measure their skills against others, and earn invitations to prestigious events like the World RPS Championships.

Interestingly, the World RPS Rankings have revealed certain trends in the game’s popularity around the world. For example, Australia has consistently had a higher proportion of its population ranked in the top 100 than any other country. Similarly, Japan has long had a strong showing in RPS, and many of its top players are women.

In 2019, the World RPS Championships were held in Toronto, Canada, 17 years after the inaugural event. The event featured players from over 20 countries, reflecting the global reach of the game and its ranking system.

In conclusion, the evolution of RPS World Rankings has been a significant development in the game’s history. It has allowed players from around the world to come together and compete, and it has provided a way for enthusiasts to track the progress and growth of the game. From small local tournaments to global dominance, RPS has come a long way in the last two decades, and its World Rankings will undoubtedly continue to inspire new generations of players.[ad_2]

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