[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors, or RPS, is a common playground game that children and adults play just for fun. The game is simple – each player makes one of the three hand gestures: rock (a closed fist), paper (an open palm), or scissors (a fist with the index and middle fingers extended). The winner is determined by a set of rules; rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, and paper beats rock. The game has been played all around the world for decades, but it was only recently that it became a competitive sport.

The first documented RPS championship took place in London in 2002, organized by two brothers, Douglas and Graham Walker. The tournament was called the “World Rock Paper Scissors Championship,” and its success was beyond expectations, with over 500 participants. The following year, Canada hosted its first RPS championship, and it quickly spread to many other countries worldwide.

The game’s popularity as a competitive sport has been attributed to its simplicity, which allows anyone to play and understand the rules. The game’s unpredictability ensures that even expert players cannot consistently win every game, making it exciting to watch and participate in.

The Championships have become more elaborate and competitive over the years, with participants competing in multiple rounds, all leading up to a grand finale. The game is also now subject to various rules and regulations to ensure a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience. Competitors have even developed strategies, not only based on their throwing style but also on reading their opponents’ moves.

In 2021, the 19th World Rock Paper Scissors Championship took place virtually due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. The event, live-streamed on the game’s official website, saw participants from over 20 countries battle it out for the title.

Beyond the fun and games, RPS championships have also become a fundraising tool for various charities worldwide. Participants are often required to donate their registration fees, and sometimes, the entire event’s proceeds go to the selected charity.

The rise of RPS championships is an inspiration for young and old alike. It shows that any activity, regardless of how small or insignificant it seems, has the potential of being enjoyed and even elevated to an entirely new level. Who knows, maybe one day, rock paper scissors will be an Olympic sport.[ad_2]

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