Jokes for Rock paper Scissors.

What first comes to mind when you hear jokes in the Rock Paper Scissors game? Why Jokes!

Why Jokes?

Well, jokes are fun and can light up the atmosphere with laughs and boosting everyone’s mood as a result. It has been discovered that the Rock Paper Scissors game is not an extremely serious game that only paints the faces of participants with serious grins and unhappy mood. The concept of the Rock Paper Scissors game that makes up its unique nature offers a pleasant environment of play. The playground is such that boosts the moods of the players, officials, and spectators. It is relatively rare to see pouty faces in the arena except of course if caused by a deliberate act, which may alter the expected flow of the game.

In essence, the Rock Paper Scissors game is fun and offers a lot of pleasures. Although it has a serious aspect to it, which comes as a result of the need to compete with other players and show the level of superiority, however, it is still majorly enjoyed. Apart from the formal organization of the game which brings about the creation of standard tournaments, the game is also played in an informal and unregulated environment for the purpose of having fun. For instance, school kids can play during their recess. Siblings can play the game in order to decide who would perform a function. Colleagues at work can use the game to decide who pays the bill. It is particularly interesting to discover that the Rock Paper Scissors game can be played for many purposes and at the same time enjoyed.

One of the truths about the Rock Paper Scissors game that validate the conception that RPS is interesting can be traced to the idea that psychology exists in the game. Since its creation, it has been discovered that the Rock Paper Scissors game calls for the use of the mind in one way or the other. In other words, your mental state has a lot to do with your performance in the RPS game. You would not see sad faces playing the game neither will you see gloomy emotions permeating the atmosphere where the game is being played.

Some Popular Rock Paper Scissors Jokes

Joke 1: If I got paid to play rock paper scissors, I would be making money hand over fist.

Joke 2: Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) asked; “go ahead! Name any wrestler, and I bet I could beat him.” She replied; “what about a wrestler named Paper?”

Joke 3: Make a pair of scissors, specifically designed to cut paper, made out of sharpened stone. Call them Rock Paper Scissors.

Joke 4: If a Tree beats a Rock in the middle of the forest, does anyone look for a pair of broken Scissors?

Joke 5: New game invention:

You have 3 cards with a color on one side and white on the other. You and your opponent choose a card, show it face down (white part), and simultaneously switch it to know the winner. Every player has 3 cards of 3 different colors, representing some natural elements: Blue, Red, and Brown, for Water, Fire, and Wood respectively. Naturally, Blue beats Red, as Water extinguishes Fire. Red beats Brown, as Fire burns Wood. Brown beats Rihanna.

Joke 6: Rock music always beat Scissors’ sister. At least on Paper…

Joke 7: If you walk around the office with a pair of scissors, you could literally cut ties with all your coworkers.

Joke 8: I misplaced Dwayne Johnson’s cutting tool for the origami workshop. I can’t believe I lost the Rock’s Paper Scissors.

Joke 9: Why is it pointless to throw Scissors in a game of rock-paper-scissors against an illegal immigrant? Because they do not have papers.

Joke 10: I was playing Rock Paper Scissors with my deaf cousin, but then he started showing some new signs, and I did not know how to counter them.

Joke 11: I don’t know who keeps stealing my scissors. But they need to cut it out!

Joke 12:  I just won the most exciting rock paper scissors match of my life. The cop said “Papers” I said “Scissors” and immediately drove away. He must have been crazy for a rematch because he chased me for 10 minutes!

Joke 13: You got to be careful around everyone these days. I was walking down the street yesterday, and a guy walked towards me and pulled out scissors. I am so happy I was agile enough to reach my pocket and pull out a rock. Cuz if I had pulled out paper, I would have lost.

Joke 14: Rap is like scissors. It always loses to rock.

Joke 15: make no mistake; Ellen DeGeneres could never take down Dwayne Johnson. The Rock always beats scissors.


Part of the original purposes of the game is to allow every participant to free their mind, promote self-consciousness as well as helping the person gain control of his mental state while playing the game. Everyone would agree that the game brings both the physical strengths and the mental strength together and apply them to one task, which is to win. Therefore, though throwing hand gestures to win against the opponent is necessary, nonetheless, the mental condition too must be tuned to influence the physical actions positively. Both work together, and that is what makes is fun, indeed.

The Rock Paper Scissors game is an exciting game. Although its play follows a strict application of rules and interpretation, at the same time, it has a dynamic nature which allows you to author the purpose for which it is being played. However, this is expected to be done in a way that does not completely alter the face of the game or obliterate the original intentions of the game. One other thing that should be noted is that enjoying the game will require a good knowledge of the game procedures and mastery of the moves. You would agree that you can only enjoy something that you know about. That being said, you have the liberty of choosing the reasons for playing the game in the same way that you have the right to form your own jokes about the game. Should you form any, do well to let the world know.

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