Game of Rock Paper Scissors.

You wouldn’t be having any idea that what a simple children’s game can do. Who would have thought that the game of rock paper scissors can make people go out of their limits? This happened at the elementary school of Ocala, where the school resource officer was called because a student exposed himself in front of all of his classmates while playing rock paper scissors.

What happened next?

Next, the school’s principal took immediate action and reported the incident to the resource officer. The incident took place in the school’s cafeteria, then the principal and the officer joined to investigate the students then it became confirm that the student exposed himself.

Kids these days are just getting out of hands and you wouldn’t believe that one kid who witnessed everything also mentioned that the boy was trying to have fun. Another witness said that the entire event was unsolicited and the boy even said “look” before exposing himself to the class. one other witness also shares that most of the students were busy playing rock paper scissors when the kid did the act and she observed that he pulled his pants down to expose himself. These witnesses have given their statements to the sheriff’s officer.

The confession:

Though the student was guilty and also hesitant to speak up about the incident with the deputy officer and the principal, however, he did confess that he exposed himself. You will be shocked to hear that the kid describe the reason that nobody has never asked to see his private parts, therefore, he attempted to do it as a joke. The parents of the student were also contacted and the case was also described to the Department of children and families by the deputy who refused to do a report on it.

What went wrong?

As you see that the entire incident started as a game. Students were playing rock paper scissors when all this crap happened. As a matter of fact, kids these days are not into the simple and fun things rather they want to expose themselves in one way or the other. All of the game turned ugly and also became a mess that even involved the sheriff. The act was only to attract the attention, the kid might be very lonely and therefore needed a way to gain the attention of each person in the class. This was a very shameful act, therefore it calls for the guidance of the kid.

It is also important that the parents of the kid understand the value of proper attachment to their children so that they do not make such mistakes. Rock paper scissors is a simple and fun game but it may have increased the level of excitement in the kid, therefore, he took such action and lost his personality. This incident must have a very big impact on the psychology of the student as this is not something that we witness every day. It is better to make the kid understand about what is good or bad for him.

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