Games Similar to Rock Paper Scissors.

Children want to play. To them, feeling bored is equal to feeling worthless. That is why they always want to do something. Even if it means moving only their hands, then they are satisfied. And that is one reason they have found delight in simple games such as Rock Paper Scissors.

Rock Paper Scissors is one of the most popular games that children play. It has so many advantages that make it just right for them. For example, it does not involve money, the Internet, or anything fancy. Only the hands are required to play and win in this game. But at times, doing one thing repeatedly could be tiring. Hence, this article looks at games similar to Rock Paper Scissors that you can switch up with your Rock Paper Scissors sessions.

Games that are similar to Rock Paper Scissors

There are a lot of games similar to Rock Paper Scissors, which can be used to overcome boredom by children. Like Rock Paper Scissors, these games are free of charge. They are great for breaking the boredom and need only the use of the hands. Again, like Rock Paper Scissors, they need at least two people. Let us now look at some of them.

  • Addition Game

This game is exactly like Rock Paper Scissors. But you will not need to form any rock, paper, or scissors hand signs. Rather, you show any number of fingers that you desire from 0 to 10. The other person does the same. Then you immediately add the total number of fingers together. Afterward, ensure that you shout the answer before the other player. Addition games are perfect for honing a child’s addition skills and by extension, his/her speed in calculating. A game that does this without being tiring or boring is excellent for kids.

  • Multiplication Game

This game is like the Addition game. It follows the same method of play. But as the name implies, rather than adding, you multiply.

  • Thumb Wrestling

Here, you and your opponent lock hands together, thumbs up, and curve your fingers. Then, your thumbs wrestle. The goal is to pin down your opponent’s thumb for three straight seconds. Whoever overcomes the other wins.

  • Finger Spelling

In Finger Spelling, your opponent draws a letter of the alphabet on your palm with your eyes closed. Your task is to guess the alphabet drawn. And if you guess right, you win. But if you guess wrong, your opponent wins. You can also enhance the challenge by drawing short words on each other palm.

  • Hand Slap Game

This begins with one participant facing his palms up. And the other participant faces his palms down lingering over the other players’ hands. The goal of the player whose hands are under is to slap the other player’s hand. While the other player’s goal is to avoid getting slapped by pulling his hands out. Hand Slap is a fun way to keep young ones occupied.

  • Fist Stacking Game

In this game, the players are to make fists. Then, as the name implies, they stack their fists higher and higher. The fist underneath keeps going next till it cannot get any higher. The fists can also be stacked downwards.

  • Hand Stacking Game

This is very identical to the fist stacking game. Here, rather than stacking fists, the players are to stack hands. The hand underneath goes up until it is impossible for it to get any higher. Similar to the fist stacking game, you can stack downwards.

  • Concentration

In a game of Concentration, the participants sit in a circle. They begin the game by clapping their hands and knees. This also helps to build the rhythm of the game. The leader will pick a classification like animals, names, or other sorts of things. Each player will name a thing that falls under the classification called. The player would have to say it in time with the rhythm or else, he is out. As expected, the last man standing wins.

  • Numbers

Here, the players start the game by holding out one finger in the two hands. One player will tap one hand of his/her opponent with the held out finger. This will make the second player bring out another finger on the hand tapped. If the second player hits one hand of the opponent with the two fingers, the opponent must bring out extra two fingers making the total three on that hand. Once the five fingers of any player are out, the hand is then eliminated. The owner of the last hand standing wins.

For more challenges, the participants can divide the number of fingers to the two hands. This means that when a participant possesses four fingers on a hand, he can divide it into two in both hands. This is possible if there are no fingers held out on the second hand.

  • Ninja

This game is played with at least four persons. They stand in a circle and then eliminate each other. A player will slap the hands of the participant nearest them to remove them. All the players will take turns to slap the hands of the nearest participant. They will do so with a ninja-like movement.

  • High Five Games

In High Five Games, a player holds out his hands in a high five position and tells the other player to give him a high five. When the other player high fives, you can then change the position of your hand to make it difficult for the other player to reach your hand. This game can also be played with both hands, therefore, increasing the challenge.


All these games listed above are some of the many games that are similar to Rock Paper Scissors. These games serve as activities that keep children busy. They also help to keep children in check. Rock Paper Scissors remains the most popular choice out of these games and it has become many children’s favorites. But when Rock Paper Scissors gets too frequent, many children will long for something else. And that is one reason why these games similar to Rock Paper Scissors are listed above to serve as alternatives. When kids have a lot of games to play, they become cheerful. Hence, all these hand games are important to children.

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