[ad_1] The Global RPS Leaderboard is a vital tool for tracking the progress made by countries and states worldwide in terms of generating renewable power. The RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) Leaderboard is an online resource that showcases the leaders in the quest for clean energy.

At present, the top spot in terms of renewable energy generation is held by Scotland, which boasts an impressive 98.9% renewable output. It has achieved this through significant investments in wind power, specifically the building of offshore turbines. In second place is the Scandinavian nation of Norway, which generates 98.6% of its energy from renewable sources, primarily hydroelectric power.

Third on the leaderboard is Costa Rica, a small Central American country that generates 98% of its power from renewable sources. This has been achieved through a combination of hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, and solar power. In 2017, the country managed to power itself for 300 consecutive days using only renewable energy.

Several other countries also feature prominently on the Global RPS Leaderboard. These nations include Portugal, which generates 54% of its energy from renewables, Germany at 47%, and Denmark at 43%. All these countries have managed to make considerable progress in transitioning to a clean energy future, with the implementation of several policy tools.

Among US states, California tops the leaderboard with 33% of its energy generated from renewables, primarily from solar and wind power. Vermont is second-best, with 25% of its energy derived from renewable sources, and Hawaii sits third, with just over 24% of its power coming from clean energy sources.

With the increased recognition of climate change, there is more pressure now to shift towards renewable energy generation. Governments across the world are setting ambitious targets to achieve 100% renewable energy in the coming years. For instance, Costa Rica, New Zealand, and Iceland have all set dates for achieving 100% renewable energy; 2021, 2035, and 2050, respectively.

The Global RPS Leaderboard serves as a roadmap for clean energy progress and provides a benchmark for nations and states to work towards. As we transition to a more sustainable future, the leaderboard will undoubtedly continue to highlight the importance of renewable energy in mitigating climate change.[ad_2]

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