[ad_1] The game of rock-paper-scissors has been a ubiquitous part of childhood for generations. It’s a simple game that anyone can play, and it’s often used to settle disputes or make decisions with a bit of randomness. But in recent years, rock-paper-scissors has taken on a new identity on social media – as a source of hilarious memes.

The rise of RPS memes can be traced back to a few key moments. One early example came in 2018, when a video of two South Korean professional gamers playing rock-paper-scissors went viral. In the video, the players were so intense and focused on the game that it became unintentionally funny. The video inspired numerous memes, with people inserting the players’ faces into all kinds of unexpected situations.

Another memorable RPS moment came in 2019. During a championship game of the World Series of Poker, two players found themselves in a tense showdown. After several rounds of betting, the players agreed to use rock-paper-scissors to determine who would take the pot. The moment was captured on video, and once again, it quickly became fodder for meme-makers.

Since then, RPS memes have continued to spread on social media, with thousands of users taking the game and turning it into something absurd and hilarious. There are memes that use RPS to make commentary on politics or pop culture, like one where the choices are “Trump,” “Biden,” and “Kanye.” Others use RPS to poke fun at everyday situations – like being torn between pizza and tacos for dinner.

What makes RPS memes so appealing? For one thing, they’re easy to understand and relate to. Rock-paper-scissors is a game that everyone knows, so even people who aren’t familiar with internet culture can appreciate the humor. Additionally, RPS memes have a simplicity and absurdity to them that is hard to resist. There’s something inherently funny about taking a children’s game and turning it into a meme.

Of course, not every RPS meme is a winner. Some are repetitive or predictable, while others rely on offensive or controversial content. But when RPS memes are done well, they can be some of the most entertaining and shareable content on social media.

It’s impossible to predict what the next big RPS meme will be, but one thing is for sure – as long as people keep playing rock-paper-scissors, there will be plenty of material for meme-makers to work with. From intense gamers to high-stakes poker players to everyday people who just want to settle a disagreement, everyone can find themselves in an RPS meme. And that’s what makes them so funny – they take a universal experience and turn it into something weird and wonderful.[ad_2]

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