Use Rock Paper Scissors.

Rock Paper Scissors is a dynamic game that people use in many ways. In fact, there are a lot of ways Rock Paper Scissors even can benefit a business. It might seem far fetched that such a game would come in handy for businesses. However, the truth is contrary to public opinion. This article highlights the usefulness of the game by examining how businesses can use Rock Paper Scissors.

Ways Businesses Can Use Rock Paper Scissors

Let us consider three ways that businesses of all sizes can use the Rock Paper Scissors game.

  • Publicity

If there is one thing businesses can never get enough of, it is publicity. To keep a steady stream of customers, you need to be able to attract attention. Here is where Rock Paper Scissors comes in. For such a simple game, Rock Paper Scissors is widely anticipated. Everyone knows the rules and everyone gets excited by it. To get your business attention, you could host a grand Rock Paper Scissors tournament. The attendance might surprise you but it proves that Rock Paper Scissors is a popular game. The cost of the tournament is minimal. There is no need for planning a full-scale event. And the main equipment required are one’s hands so you get to save equipment costs. Cost-effectively, you can draw a lot of publicity for your business.

  • Grow customer base by incorporating Rock Paper Scissors themes

Standard businesses are the norm these days. There are no surprises or new things. To keep your business really popping, you can use Rock Paper Scissors ideas. Say for instance you own a restaurant, there are a lot of ways to do it. You could serve up a particular menu based on what sign gets played. You could also present the menu in a certain way for the winner and the loser. These things make businesses seem more lively and they grab attention. Doing the same thing as everyone else will not get you noticed. However, switching up your style might just be the move to boost your business.

  • Team bonding

Rock Paper Scissors is a great way to form strong bonds in businesses. A ship can only be as good as its crew. You need to run a tight ship so your business flourishes. This is why your workers must be a team. If there is no bond in the team, it will cost you time and money. A game of Rock Paper Scissors goes a long way in forming bonds in teams. It creates a simple and fun environment for the workers to enjoy themselves together. The best part is that there is no need for elaborate planning. This seemingly game of chance is a great opportunity to bring your team together. Rock Paper Scissors can be a team-bonding exercise. By introducing it into your team practices, you form a close-knit team. Efficiency and speedy performance by the workers are great additional perks.

Advantages of Using Rock Paper Scissors for Businesses

Here are some reasons why businesses should consider using Rock Paper Scissors.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Using Rock Paper Scissors is one of the most cost-effective strategies that you can have. With a simple game of Rock Paper Scissors, you can have a huge impact. The best part is that there is not much needed. It is actually very straightforward. There is no need for elaborate planning or the likes. Rock Paper Scissors comes with all it needs – hands. This makes it very cost-effective for use. The most that may happen to your business is if you need a larger venue. And if you run a restaurant or business with sizeable space, then you have hit the jackpot. You already have the venue and the competition will boost your business.

  • Dynamic use

The fact that Rock Paper Scissors is used in a lot of flexible ways is very attractive. It is a game that can fit any event and be played repeatedly. Such a simple way of doing things makes it really easy to change the trajectory. You could use Rock Paper Scissors as a tournament for your business. The next day, you could use it as a way to have fun in your business. Another time, Rock Paper Scissors could be used as a way to bond in your business. The dynamic and flexible use of Rock Paper Scissors is obvious.

  • Thrilling nature

Despite Rock Paper Scissors being easy to set up and being dynamic, it is still an interesting game. One would think that the charm of this game would wear thin. The reality is quite the opposite. While it is easy to set up, the Rock Paper Scissors game is still exciting. By using Rock Paper Scissors, you know you will be able to get attention. It is because of its thrilling nature that it can have tournaments.

  • Game of chance

With a lot of games, it is easy to accuse players of cheating or not playing fair. There is no room for such in Rock Paper Scissors. That is why Rock Paper Scissors is quite flexible in a lot of ways. And it is impossible for one to cheat on the game. The rapid throwing of signs is not planned or predetermined. Rock Paper Scissors comes down to chance and a side of luck. A person could win the first round but lose in a “best two out of three” competition.

Disadvantages of Using Rock Paper Scissors for Businesses

There are no disadvantages to using Rock Paper Scissors. You do not have to spend money to set up a basic event. Also, you do not need to have a lot of prerequisites to use it. The only disadvantage that could happen is getting sore losers. You could organize a game and end up with disgruntled participants. It happens with every contest. However, it is doubtful that this will occur. But you should prepare to handle it,  in case it does happen. Overall, Rock Paper Scissors is a game that gets everyone involved. And it is a favorite because there are mostly no hard feelings involved.

Final Thoughts on How Businesses Can Use Rock Paper Scissors

There is a myriad of ways that Rock Paper Scissors can apply in business. Whether what you are looking for is innovation or building stronger bonds, using the game will help. With all the available advantages and hardly any disadvantage, it is a win. As said in this article, you have nothing to lose. The cost of running this game can be zero if you want it to be. And if you want to go all in, then you could use the game in decision-making and spice up your business.

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