[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors, the classic hand game that has been played by children for generations, is often viewed as a silly and meaningless game with no real value outside of passing the time. However, recent studies have shown that playing Rock Paper Scissors can be a powerful tool in building strong teams and improving workplace communication.

Here are five reasons why:

1. Breaking down barriers: Playing a simple game like Rock Paper Scissors, which requires no special skills or equipment, can help break down barriers and get team members comfortable with each other. This can be especially beneficial in new teams, where people may not know each other very well.

2. Improving communication skills: Rock Paper Scissors is all about strategy and communication. In order to win, players need to anticipate their opponent’s move and make quick decisions. Playing the game can help improve communication skills by teaching team members to be clear and concise in their instructions.

3. Encouraging teamwork: Playing Rock Paper Scissors can also encourage teamwork. By working together to come up with different strategies, team members can learn to collaborate effectively and make decisions as a unit.

4. Enhancing problem-solving skills: Successful Rock Paper Scissors players are often good at problem-solving. They can quickly analyze a situation and come up with a strategy to win. This can be beneficial in the workplace, where team members often need to think on their feet and come up with solutions to unexpected problems.

5. Reducing stress and tension: Rock Paper Scissors is a fun and lighthearted game that can help reduce stress and tension in the workplace. By taking a quick break to play the game, team members can refocus their energy and approach their work with a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

In conclusion, playing Rock Paper Scissors may seem like a simple and childish activity, but it can have powerful benefits in the workplace. By breaking down barriers, improving communication skills, encouraging teamwork, enhancing problem-solving skills, and reducing stress and tension, the game can help build strong teams and improve workplace communication. So the next time you need to boost morale or promote collaboration, don’t be afraid to bring out a deck of cards and challenge your team to a game of Rock Paper Scissors![ad_2]

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