[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) has been a popular game among children and adults for generations. It involves two or more players who choose one of three hand gestures- rock, paper, or scissors. The game’s simplicity and unpredictability have made it a beloved pastime for many, but it’s also gaining attention for its ability to support charitable organizations.

Several nonprofits are incorporating RPS into their fundraising activities. The concept is simple. Participants register for the event and pay a donation fee. Then, they compete in a tournament of RPS to earn prizes and bragging rights. The entry fees and any additional donations go directly to the charity.

One recent example is the “World RPS Championship,” an annual event in Toronto, Canada that raises funds for the children’s medical charity, SickKids Foundation. In the 15 years since its inception, the tournament has raised over $150,000 for the charity.

Another charity using RPS is Extra Life, which benefits Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Extra Life hosts a 24-hour gaming marathon event, where players can compete in online RPS tournaments as well as other games. Participants raise funds leading up to the event and compete for prizes on the day.

The game’s popularity is also spreading to workplaces, where teams can compete in RPS tournaments as a company fundraiser. For example, law firms in Houston, Texas, host RPS tournaments and donate the profits to the Houston Food Bank.

RPS offers significant advantages to charitable organizations. It’s a low-cost fundraising activity that’s easy to organize, appeal to a wide range of people, and offers intense rivalries for participants.

Moreover, RPS provides a chance for various organizations to unite for a good cause. Several universities and schools have hosted RPS tournaments to raise funds for nonprofits like the American Cancer Society or the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It’s a perfect opportunity for campus groups to build camaraderie while supporting a cause.

Overall, RPS has become a creative and fun way to raise money for charities while fostering community connections, and it’s expected to grow in popularity as more organizations recognize its potential. So, let’s keep playing and doing good at the same time![ad_2]

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