[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors is one of the most simple and nostalgic games of all time. Although it may seem like it is all based on luck, there is a strategic approach to the game that can help you dominate and come out victorious. Some famous players who have mastered this game have shared their tips, and we have compiled them to guide you on how to win at rock paper scissors.

First on the list is Andrew Peterson, a RPS World Champion. According to him, the most crucial element in winning this game is to predict your opponent’s move by studying their behavior patterns. Watch how they throw their hand gestures, and once you notice a pattern, you can easily anticipate their next move and use your gesture to counteract theirs. Peterson also advises not to fall into the trap of always throwing the same move, as this will make it easier for your opponent to predict you.

Another famous RPS player is Graham Walker, who has written multiple books on the game’s strategy. His advice is to consider the psychology behind the game. For instance, the most common gesture thrown is scissors. Therefore, when playing against an inexperienced opponent, throw a rock to take advantage of their psychology. It’s unlikely they’ll mimic your move, and they might refrain from throwing scissors again, as they’ve learned it is a weak move.

Denis Bukin, a two-time RPS European champion, agrees with the psychology approach. He advises trying to manipulate your opponent’s thoughts by using reverse psychology. For example, if you keep winning with rock, pretend like that is the only move you know to make your opponent think you cannot throw paper or scissors, and then surprise them.

Lastly, there is Master Roshambollah, the founder of the World RPS Society. He strongly believes in the power of focusing your energy on your opponent’s hand. He suggests staring at their hand, looking for any slight movements or twitches before the throw. Your intuition will alert you to the move they will make, and you can adjust accordingly.

In conclusion, these strategies are not a one-size-fits-all. You have to find the one that works best for you and put it into practice. Although winning at rock paper scissors is fun, remember that it’s just a game. The key takeaway from these famous players is to understand the patterns and behavior of your opponent, stay one step ahead, and most importantly, have fun![ad_2]

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