Game or a Sport?

Whether you call the Rock Paper Scissors a childhood engagement or all-age inclusive fun-play, the reality speaks volume. The simple childhood thing has become an international sensation across the globe. Not only do the kids play it, but adults alike also are not left out of the thrill. Many people hold the belief that the Rock Paper Scissors game continues to grow a sense of humor in people. It is not a conclusion, after all, seeing that the fans of the game take to different platforms to make public their love for the game. People create t-shirts, pages, and the likes to celebrate their interest in what has gained worldwide recognition.

Since its inception, the idea of Rock Paper Scissors is clear. It is true that some complexities surround it. However, the basic idea of it is the engagement that involves the exhibition or show of hand gestures that have a distinctive interpretation. The interpretations of these gestures are universally accepted and continue to be useful in both professional and informal plays. Therefore, it can be settled that Rock Paper Scissors was developed to become a strong regulated event between the participants. Perhaps it is due to the unchanging nature of Rock Paper Scissors and all that it involves that has helped in its preservation.

Rock Paper Scissors is not new; at least, it enjoys a rich origin as far as history is concerned. As a result of this, questions bothering on its nature, interpretations, and engagements have been subject to different opinions and assumptions from many people. Of course, these different opinions do not, in any way, alter its pure form. However, they continue to give room for broad consideration. This is to help every interested person gain more insights as to Rock Paper Scissors. For instance, by studying the varying opinions of people, one may understand better why Rock Paper Scissors has been the subject of many talks. In order words, the popularity of Rock Paper Scissors is not without some different thoughts and comments. However, all these are just necessary things that the engagement is bound to experience since it has established itself as one of the most famous engagements among kids and adults in the world.

One of the arguments over Rock Paper Scissors is whether it is a game or sport. The truth is that mere subjecting Rock Paper Scissors to the debate of whether it should be regarded as a game or a sport clearly identifies its popularity and influence among people. Apart from this, there are usually some considerations that are essential in the bid to determine whether engagement or event like Rock Paper Scissors is a game or a sport.  What are those considerations, and how does one connect the dot with the features of Rock Paper Scissors? In this article, we will answer the question of whether it is a sport or game by outlining some of its essential elements. Then, we will consider if these elements and their interpretations are enough to justify whether Rock Paper Scissors is a game or a sport.

In order to understand the nature of Rock Paper Scissors, it is essential to consider the fundamental pillars of it. In doing so, one will be able to understand its outlook and how it is being managed. Essentially, the structures, calculations, and interpretations of Rock Paper Scissors will be laid bare through the understanding of the elements that are present in it. This is to tell you that without them and the meanings or descriptions ascribed to the elements, the Rock Paper Scissors engagement cannot survive.

The Participants

The Rock Paper Scissors is simply an engagement between interested participants. The participants must show interest in the engagement as it requires their concentration and active participation. The basic requirement for every participant is the know-how of the engagement. However, it should be noted that the participant need not be a professional before he is allowed to participate. This is particularly true in the case of an informal setting where school kids or siblings in the house engage for the fun of it. In some cases, even, it has been discovered that Rock Paper Scissors is often used among brothers or friends to settle matters or make decisions like who should clean the dishes or buy lunch. This is to tell you that Rock Paper Scissors does not require any level of expertise as long as you understand the hand gestures and their interpretations.

Usually, and especially in a formal setting, like a regulated tournament, the participants in Rock Paper Scissors are just two. But since Rock Paper Scissors can be played informally, there can be more than two players in an unregulated engagement. Also, there is no age restriction as to who can participate, especially in an unregulated or informal engagement. One interesting fact about Rock Paper Scissors is that it can be fun as long as you know the basics. As you continually participate, you can become more professional at it. The more you practice, the perfect you become.

The Hand Gestures

Apparently, one of the characteristics that make Rock Paper Scissors unique is the kind of physical activity that is involved. Rock Paper Scissors makes use of hand to display a series of recognized signs. There are three generally accepted hand gestures used in the engagement. These gestures are referred to as throws or moves. They have different meanings and special interpretations. Another interesting thing here is that the interpretation of one gesture overlaps on the other. For instance, the move extended by one player will be interpreted in relation to the throw of the other player.

The gestures are the popular Rock Paper Scissors. A clenched fist gestures rock. Paper is indicated by extending the fingers with the palm facing upwards, downwards, or sideways. Scissors is represented by extending the middle and index fingers to form a V shape while holding the ring finger and pinky down with the thumb.

At this point, it is essential to note that there are some new throws invented by people crawling out over the years. Few of these throws include the God, the Devil, Water, Dynamite, Lightning, Fire, and Texas Longhorn. However, due to the realization that these throws will affect the original nature and form of RPS, the authorities ban the moves or restrict their uses. Regulated tournaments do not in any way agree with the use of these throws, causing them to be termed illegal. The use of these throws may attract outright disqualification.

The Triangle Effect

For anyone conversant with Rock Paper Scissors, they will agree that it is marvelous, the relationship that exists between the three throws. We can conclude even that the connection between the Rock, Paper, and Scissors is one perplexing link. The Rock-Paper-Scissors relationship is one that forms a perfect triangle. This kind of setup makes the RPS engagement an interesting one to witness. We explained above that RPS is played by making throws through hand gestures, and the interpretation of each throw has an effect over the other.

In essence, the objects, Rock, Paper, and Scissors are inextricably connected in the sense that you cannot interpret one without linking it with the other. It simple. The triangle relationship is such that one object is linked to the other two. Therefore, the interpretation of this is that the object dominates one but is dominated by the second object. This is the triumvirate effect that Rock Paper Scissors is all about.

Now, let us consider the objects in question:

  • Rock: The clenched fist is quite powerful, and the Scissors cannot survive the throw. Rock crushes scissors.
  • Paper suffocates Rock by wrapping around it.
  • Paper is a prey to Scissors as a throw finely cuts through.
  • It is a stalemate if a move is thrown against itself.

A Game Or The Sport?

It would be quite difficult and, at the same time, unfair to try to create a distinction between RPS being a game and a sport. The truth is that there are many realizations that clearly identify RPS as both a game and sport. Every game has its peculiar elements, features as well as rules that guide participation. The same goes for RPS. The elements discussed above, particularly the hand gestures and their interpretations, are surely unique to the game. But is there anything that makes it a sport?

Sport is an active engagement that involves physical exertion. A sport is created for the competition, and this is exactly what the RPS game does. The competition between the participants to discover whose skills and mastery can outwit the other. RPS tournaments have been held several times in different countries. Rock Paper Scissors World Championship also exists as one of the most recognized and regulated RPS tournaments. Considering all these, we can say that Rock Paper Scissors is a game as much as it is a sport. In the RPS game, you can also become a pro athlete.

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