[ad_1] Are you a fan of the classic game Rock Paper Scissors? Do you find yourself constantly searching for more information about the game and the strategies behind it? Then it’s time to join the conversation and listen to some of the top Rock Paper Scissors podcasts available today!

1. World RPS Society Podcast – Hosted by the founders of the World Rock Paper Scissors Society, this podcast covers all things RPS, from the history of the game to current tournaments and strategies. With guests ranging from professional RPS players to psychologists studying the game, this podcast is both entertaining and informative for all levels of RPS enthusiasts.

2. RPS Radio – Hosted by two RPS enthusiasts, this podcast offers a more lighthearted approach to the game, featuring interviews with players and stories from RPS tournaments around the world. With a focus on the community aspect of RPS, this podcast is perfect for those looking to connect with other fans of the game.

3. RPS Chat – This podcast offers a unique perspective on RPS strategy, featuring interviews with players who have developed their own unique approach to the game. With tips and tricks from some of the best players in the world, RPS Chat is a must-listen for anyone looking to improve their game.

4. Scissors Punch – Hosted by two comedians with a love for RPS, Scissors Punch offers a humorous take on the game, with discussions ranging from the history of RPS to the most ridiculous strategies ever attempted. While not as focused on strategy as some of the other podcasts on this list, Scissors Punch is a fun and entertaining listen for anyone looking to inject some humor into their RPS fandom.

Whether you’re a seasoned RPS player or a casual fan of the game, these podcasts offer something for everyone. So why not join the conversation and listen to some of the top Rock Paper Scissors podcasts available today? Who knows, you might just learn something new that will take your RPS game to the next level![ad_2]

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