[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors, also known as RPS, is a classic game that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for decades. This simple game that requires nothing more than the use of one’s hand is a popular game played around the world. Playing RPS is a great way to spend an evening with friends, but sometimes, it can get repetitive. To spice things up and make RPS game night even more fun, here are some variations to the classic game.

1. RPS with a Twist

This variation of RPS adds an element of surprise and suspense to the game. Each player writes down a move on a piece of paper and then reveals their move at the same time. The catch is that one player can choose to make a twist, where they reveal a different move than what they originally written down. For example, a player who writes down “rock” can decide to reveal “scissors” instead, which could potentially win them the game.

2. RPS Tag-Team

In this variation, two teams are formed, each with two players. One player from each team plays RPS against each other. The loser of the round is eliminated from the game, and the winner stays in to play against the next player from the opposing team. The team with at least one player standing at the end of the game wins.

3. RPS Tournament

This variation of RPS is perfect for larger groups of people. Players are divided into teams, and each team plays against each other until there is one winning team. The winning team goes on to play another winning team until there is only one team left standing, the ultimate winner.

4. RPS Challenge

For those who want an extra challenge, this variation of RPS adds a physical element to the game. Each player stands on one leg, and when it’s their turn, they must hop towards their opponent while making either the rock, paper, or scissors motion. The player who successfully tags their opponent with their move wins the round.

5. RPS Memory

This variation of RPS tests players’ memory skills. The first player to start the game makes a move, and the second player must replicate that move, followed by adding their own move. The third player must then replicate the first player’s move, the second player’s move, and then add their own move, and so on until one player forgets a move or makes a mistake.

In conclusion, these are just some variations of RPS that can make game night even more fun. Experiment and come up with your own to make the game even more exciting. With these variations, RPS will never get dull or repetitive. So, bring out the hand gestures and have a blast with RPS![ad_2]

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