[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) is a classic game that has been played across the globe for generations. But did you know that there are people who take RPS so seriously that they compete in world championships?

Meet the world’s greatest RPS champions:

1. Mitsuru Nagase – Japan
Mitsuru Nagase has won the World RPS Championships seven times, making him the most successful RPS player of all time. He’s also the inventor of the ‘Mitsuru Style’ of playing which is based on the movement of the fingers before revealing the hand.

2. Andrea Farina – Italy
Andrea Farina has won the World RPS Championships twice and has been runner-up four times. He uses a strategy of pre-game rituals which he claims helps to predict and counteract his opponent’s choice.

3. Kimiyo Matsumoto – Japan
Kimiyo Matsumoto is the only female player to have won the World RPS Championships three times. She has been described as a ‘psychological mastermind’ and uses a mixture of intuition and psychology to outwit her opponents.

4. Douglas Walker – UK
Douglas Walker is a two-time World RPS Championships winner and has developed his own unique style which he calls ‘The Lizard.’ This involves making a lizard-like hand gesture which he believes distracts his opponents.

5. Toru Inoue – Japan
Toru Inoue is a former World RPS Championships winner and has also won the Japanese National RPS Championships five times. He is known for his unpredictability and uses random choices to keep his opponents off-guard.

6. Lion Murayama – Japan
Lion Murayama is a six-time Japanese National RPS Champion and has also won the World RPS Tournament twice. He uses a strategy called ‘No Hand Play,’ where he keeps his hand still before revealing his choice.

These RPS champions may seem like they take the game too seriously, but their dedication and passion for the game is truly admirable. Who knows, maybe one day you could become a RPS champion too![ad_2]

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