[ad_1] The 2019 National Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) Summit, held in San Diego, California from October 22-24, was a major event for the renewable energy industry in the United States. The summit brought together policymakers, researchers, advocates, and business leaders to discuss the latest developments in green energy technology, policy, and research.

Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) are state policies that require utilities to generate a percentage of their electricity from renewable energy sources. Currently, 29 states and Washington D.C. have RPS policies, with targets ranging from 10% to 100% renewable energy by 2050.

At the summit, attendees learned about the latest research and policy developments in renewable energy. Among the highlights were presentations on the role of wind and solar energy in achieving carbon reduction goals, the economics of renewable energy, and the latest innovations in energy storage.

One particularly interesting discussion was the potential of community solar programs to expand access to renewable energy for low-income households. Community solar allows residents to purchase or lease a share of a local solar array, and receive credit on their utility bills for the power generated by their share.

Many attendees were also excited about the advances in energy storage technology, which allow renewable energy to be stored for use during periods of high demand. This is particularly important for states with high percentages of solar energy, which generates most of its power during the daytime.

In addition to technology and policy discussions, the summit provided a platform for business leaders to showcase their latest innovations in renewable energy. Companies like Tesla, SunPower, and Lime Energy demonstrated their latest products and services, and discussed new partnerships and projects.

Overall, the National RPS Summit was a great opportunity for attendees to learn, network, and collaborate on making renewable energy more accessible and affordable. The event showcased the latest research and policy developments, and provided a platform for business leaders to showcase their technologies and innovations. With growing support for renewable energy in the United States, events like the National RPS Summit help to accelerate progress towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.[ad_2]

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