[ad_1] On April 12, 2019, advocates for renewable energy gathered in cities across the United States for the Nationwide Rally for Renewable Energy. The event was organized to show support for a national Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), which would require a certain percentage of electricity to come from renewable sources such as wind and solar.

The RPS has been successfully implemented in several states, including California and New York, where it has helped to decrease carbon emissions and create new jobs in the renewable energy sector. Advocates are now calling for a national RPS to help drive the transition to clean energy on a larger scale.

At the rally in Washington D.C., speakers emphasized the urgency of addressing climate change and the benefits of renewable energy for the economy and the environment. They urged Congress to take action on the RPS and other policies that support renewable energy development.

Similar events were held in cities across the country, including Los Angeles, Boston, and Denver. In New York City, advocates gathered in Battery Park to call attention to the impact of climate change on coastal communities and the need for renewable energy solutions.

The Nationwide Rally for Renewable Energy was organized by several environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, 350.org, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. The event was part of a larger campaign to push for more aggressive action on climate change and a transition to 100% clean energy.

Support for renewable energy and the RPS has been growing in recent years, with polls showing that a majority of Americans believe in the need to address climate change and support the expansion of renewable energy. The Nationwide Rally for Renewable Energy was an important opportunity for advocates to come together and voice their support for policies that will help to create a cleaner, more sustainable future.

As the threat of climate change looms large, it is increasingly clear that we need bold action to transition to a clean energy economy. The Nationwide Rally for Renewable Energy was a powerful demonstration of the growing movement for change and the urgent need for solutions that prioritize renewable energy.[ad_2]

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