This statement can only be understood by those individuals who play both Pokémon and rock paper scissors. Pokemon is the mobile app game that is played on smartphones whereas rock paper scissors are played by hand gestures. There are many similarities between rock paper scissors and Pokémon. Both the games have no competition or strategy but only luck. Most of the game is just luck and you do not have to use your mind to play it. Here are the reasons for which we are in favour of this statement:

  • Luck:

The way you win Pokémon or rock paper scissors can have a lot to do with luck because the game is based on a prediction or bluffing. In rock paper scissors you do not know what your opponent is thinking and you just have to throw any of there. If you are lucky you might win the game. On the other hand in Pokémon, the mega evolution feature has no penalty so you have no reason to Not to use it regardless of that the feature is overpowered or you want to prove your worth. In Pokemon, for a win, you just need best moves, best EVs and best Pokémon. If you have that psychic ability to know what your opponent will do then hit the same moves in order to kill in one go. Faster Pokemon and faster rock paper scissors are also better.

  • Grinding:

Another similarity between the two is that the games do not last more than 5 seconds. Grinding will have value if Pokémon can survive battles that are more than 5 seconds to a minute. But this is not the case, you play hours and hours by putting the suitable EVs, moves, IVs, combinations items and levelling up and what you receive in the end? Only a single shot kill from the opponent Pokémon. You work hours to build your Pokémon from the start to the battle that lasts only longer than the 20th of the total time.

  • Guessing:

The games, rock paper scissors and Pokémon are based on guessing and predicting. There is no strategy in both the games but only psychic abilities in order to predict what the opponent will do. However, you can get perfect in the game by playing it more and more as practice can make you perfect. With time, you will develop the ability to win or at least have fun in the game.

  • Competition:

Both the games have nothing to compete with, which means that the game is simple and the games do not allow to go in a competitive scene without giving it time beforehand.

Pokémon is glorified version of rock paper scissors since it is played on smartphones, have graphics, colours and a physical ability whereas rock paper scissors is a simple game which is played only by hand gestures although both the games have a simple strategy and are based on simple principles of guessing, luck and prediction.

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