[ad_1] In the digital age of music consumption, there has been a shift in the traditional methods of distribution. The rise of streaming services and digital downloads have taken over physical sales, causing record labels to adapt to the changing market. One label that is revolutionizing the distribution game is Rock Paper Scissors Records (RPS).

Founded in 2018 by music industry veterans Lisa Levy and Chris Shepard, RPS is committed to bringing high-quality music to listeners in a unique and innovative way. The label operates through a direct-to-fan model that prioritizes personal connections between artists and their audiences.

This method of distribution vastly differs from the typical record label approach, which includes dealing with intermediaries such as distributors and retailers. Through eliminating these intermediaries, RPS is able to create a more intimate relationship between artists and fans, ultimately resulting in music that is more authentic and reflective of the artist’s vision.

RPS also utilizes a subscription-based model that allows fans to directly support their favorite artists. By subscribing to one or multiple artists, fans receive exclusive content such as early access to new music and special merchandise. This not only supports the artist financially but also creates a sense of community amongst fans.

One of the most significant benefits of RPS’s approach to music distribution is the transparency it provides. Traditional record labels often keep artists in the dark when it comes to financial matters, leaving them with little knowledge of how much their music is worth or how much they are making. This lack of transparency can lead to distrust and frustration between artists and labels.

However, RPS’s direct-to-fan model gives artists complete control over their earnings and royalties. They are able to track their sales and see exactly how much money they are making from their music. This level of transparency creates a fair and honest relationship between artists and the label, allowing for open communication and trust.

RPS has already made an impact in the industry, signing artists such as Bombay Rickey, Jane Getter Premonition, and Ray Suhy. Their commitment to unique distribution methods has already proven to be successful, with rave reviews from both fans and industry professionals.

The label’s dedication to personal connections, transparency, and artist autonomy sets it apart from other labels in the industry. Through their innovative approach to music distribution, RPS is changing the way music is heard, enjoyed, and supported.[ad_2]

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