[ad_1] The music industry has undergone various transformations over the years. From the introduction of vinyl and cassette tapes to digital platforms such as Spotify and iTunes, the industry has had to adapt to changing technology and consumer preferences. However, one company that is taking it a step further is Rock Paper Scissors Records.

Founded in 2016 by indie rock veterans Matt Lovell and Jeff Brown, Rock Paper Scissors Records (RPS) is a music label that puts the artists first. The label encourages creativity, experimentation, and collaboration while providing artists with resources to produce and distribute their music.

One way RPS is revolutionizing the music industry is through its unique business model. Unlike traditional record labels that often take ownership of an artist’s music, RPS offers a 50/50 partnership with their artists. This means that the artists keep their copyrights and have more control over their music’s distribution and revenue. Furthermore, RPS does not require advances or recoupment, which can put artists in debt to the label.

Another way RPS is changing the game is through its emphasis on diversity and social justice. The label is committed to promoting underrepresented artists and making their music available to wider audiences. For example, their RPS for Black Lives initiative supports Black artists by donating profits from specific releases to organizations fighting systemic racism.

In addition, RPS offers other unique services such as virtual concerts and house shows. With the pandemic affecting live music performances, these services provide artists with an alternative to reach and connect with their fans. Additionally, the label offers an Artist Ambassador Program that provides artists with mentorship and coaching to improve their craft and promote self-sufficiency.

Rock Paper Scissors Records has been successful in attracting prominent artists such as Madi Diaz and The Accidentals. However, the label’s focus remains on creating a community and supporting emerging artists. RPS has also received recognition in the music industry, winning the Independent Label of the Year award at the 2020 Americana Honors & Awards.

Revolutionizing an industry is no small feat, and RPS’s approach to the music industry is inspiring. The label’s commitment to its artists and the broader community is an example of how businesses can prioritize social responsibility while still being profitable. It’s evident that as more music artists and enthusiasts become familiar with the label’s work, Rock Paper Scissors Records will continue to change the game in the music industry.[ad_2]

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