Rock Paper Scissors Flour.

Time and time again, we agree that the game of Rock Paper Scissors is full of thrills and excitement. Fuelled by adrenaline and glee, it is an interesting game of chance. At its most basic level, it is still full of great surprises. However, what if you want more? Something more fun. This does not mean that Rock Paper Scissors is not fun. It is inarguably a great game but you could be ready to take it to the next level. This is where flour comes in. Wait, what? Well, there are many ways to play Rock Paper Scissors. You could use the simple hand game to do a multitude of things. So, to add spice to your game, why not include flour? Here is a guide to making the most of Rock Paper Scissors Flour.

How to Play Rock Paper Scissors Flour

A game of Rock Paper Scissors could be between two or more people. There are certain constants when playing the game. The first one is that someone is going to throw the weaker sign. Normally, that would mean you win and your opponent loses and everyone moves on. However, in the upgraded game with flour, it is different. When someone loses here, they get a face full of flour.

The reason to use flour is that it is safe and light. And it is a way to make a game of Rock Paper Scissors more fun. You can do this without having to stress much about finding material. To incorporate the flour in your Rock Paper Scissors game, it is pretty easy. All you need to do is get your flour ready. It could be in a bowl or in a container that is easy to reach. When you finish playing a round, the loser gets a face full of flour.

Everyone has their own different variations of the game. How you use the flour depends on how you play the game. Let us say, for instance, you are playing for the best two out of three. It could be that whoever gets it correct twice will win. The victor then earns the right to throw flour. But that is only one way to go about it. It could also be that whoever wins a round gets to throw the flour. In the end, it comes down to how you desire to have it played.

Advantages of Rock Paper Scissors Flour

  • Easy to start

It is a pretty straightforward setup. Rock Paper Scissors as a game requires nothing much. No need for an elaborate setup, just your hands. Adding flour to the mix does not make it harder. It is still as straightforward as it used to be. Just add flour.

  • Safe

Playing a regular game of Rock Paper Scissors has no dangerous sides. It is simply a game of whether or not you win. Again, adding flour to the game does not add any risk. It is light, white-colored, and really good to throw. Completely safe to have a play around with. Its alternative, face powder, is also safe to use. All in all, that is what makes Rock Paper Scissors Flour attractive. It is a family-friendly game that anyone can play.

  • Messy but fun

Rock Paper Scissors is already a game full of fun and excitement. The exercise of throwing signs is fun. Yet, adding a handful of flour adds even more fun. It is a way to add some “spice” to the game and make it more interesting. Just when you thought a game of Rock Paper Scissors could not get more interesting. It is like layering on the fun. The thrill of playing a regular game of Rock Paper Scissors is still present. But on top of that, you add some flour. That takes the thrill of the game higher than ever.

  • Motivation

Maybe you were lacking the motivation to win. Perhaps you just played the game to participate but not win. Now, playing a losing hand comes with a face full of flour. This is a great way to make sure all participants are really involved. When people seem to lose motivation to play the game, use flour. Flour is a great way to get their attention and make them sit up. No one wants to randomly end up with a face of flour. Everyone is sure to be super interested in the game. And when people invest in the game, it makes it a whole lot more fun.

The Disadvantage of Rock Paper Scissors Flour

  • Could get really messy

There could be a little mess when playing a game with flour. The conventional Rock Paper Scissors game has no such disadvantage. With flour, the only possible disadvantage you can see is a mess. Playing a game that leads to someone getting a face of flour is a potential mess.

If you would prefer to keep things clean, then this might be a deal-breaker. However, you should know it is not a lot of flour. With the game, you are not throwing a bagful of flour. It is more like a handful. There is no need to imagine the colossal mess that could happen. This is because it is not on that scale. And if the thought of the mess still bothers you, you can change how you play. Instead of throwing a hand of flour, the loser gets their face in. Then, the flour will be in a bowl to contain it all.

Bottom Line

A game of Rock Paper Scissors Flour is the next level of thrill and excitement. This is a game with real consequences for the winner and the loser. It is a way to get excitement higher than ever. Now, there are actual consequences at hand. Usually, it would be that the winner gets bragging rights. Here, the loser ends up with a face full of flour. Ultimately, it is a great way to have fun without having to make it elaborate. It is pretty simple since all you need is a bowl of flour. You could say it is the perfect recipe for a fun game. If you feel like your Rock Paper Scissors is missing something, then try Rock Paper Scissors with flour in the mix.

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