Rock Paper Scissors Gambit Strategies.

Gambit strategies can be an important step in becoming a better Rock Paper Scissors Player.

What are Gambits?

A Gambit is a series of three throws used with strategic intent. This means that the throws are selected beforehand as part of a planned sequence. Selecting throws in advance helps prevent unconscious patterns from forming and can sometimes reduce tells. Choosing throws in groups of three will prevent you from switching to a purely reactive game while leaving you numerous decision-points to keep the strategy adaptable.

The strongest criticism of Gambit play is that players still have tendencies to develop patterns. Rather than throwing Rock when angry, a Gambit player may throw the boxer resulting in three lost points rather than just one. The true genius of Gambit play is that Gambits can be used as building blocks of larger strategies.

Chain Gambits

Chain Gambits are one way of expanding Gambit strategies. A Chain Gambit is a series of five throws, or two Gambits joined by a common throw. For instance, “PSPSS” is a Chain Gambit built from Scissors Sandwich and Paper Dolls. By shifting one Gambit by one throw, a Chain Gambit can prevent your opponent from obtaining multiple successive victories even if she predicts which Gambit you are using next.

Combination Moves

Gambits and Chain Gambits can also be combines to form longer more complete Combination Moves. By planning your strategy in blocks of six or more throws, you can nearly eliminate reactive tendencies. The downside of Combination Moves is that they can tax the memory. Few things are as disconcerting as forgetting your strategy halfway through it.

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