[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors Records is a music label that has been defying genre boundaries and redefining music since its inception. With a mission to support artists who create music that is both distinctive and daring, the label has become a haven for musicians who refuse to be pigeonholed into a specific genre.

Founded in 2010 by Eric Sosa, Rock Paper Scissors Records has become a trusted name in the music industry, known for its focus on developing artists who push the boundaries of their craft. The label has a unique approach to working with musicians, offering them a dynamic platform to express their creativity and challenge the traditional notions of what music should be.

Unlike other labels that focus on specific genres, Rock Paper Scissors Records prides itself on its diverse roster of artists. From jazz and hip hop to electronic and rock, the label has managed to break down barriers and create a community of artists that support each other’s music.

One of the most notable artists on the label is Vieux Farka Touré, a Malian guitarist who has been hailed as one of Africa’s most innovative musicians. His music incorporates elements of rock, blues, and traditional West African music, creating a sound that is entirely his own. Touré’s unique style reflects the ethos of Rock Paper Scissors Records, as he refuses to conform to a specific genre and instead focuses on creating music that tells his story.

Another artist on the label who breaks the mold is Busdriver, a Los Angeles-based rapper known for his experimental approach to hip hop. His music defies categorization and has been described as a mix of jazz, punk, and avant-garde hip hop. Busdriver is an artist who challenges the listener’s expectations about what hip hop should be and is a testament to the label’s mission to support artists who are pushing the boundaries of their genre.

Rock Paper Scissors Records is also known for its commitment to supporting social justice causes through its music. The label’s artists often address issues of race, gender, and social inequality in their music, using their platform to raise awareness and promote change.

In summary, Rock Paper Scissors Records is a music label that is breaking down genre boundaries and redefining what music can be. Its commitment to supporting artists who are daring and distinctive has led to a diverse roster of musicians who are pushing boundaries and creating unique sounds. Through its music, the label is promoting social justice causes and creating a community of artists who support each other’s work. This label is one to watch, as it continues to challenge expectations and change the music industry for the better.[ad_2]

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