[ad_1] If you’re a fan of indie music, you’ve probably heard of Rock, Paper, Scissors Records. This small record label has been quietly making a name for itself with its unique blend of indie rock, folk, and pop music. But now, with two new releases, RPS is ready to take the music world by storm.

The first of these releases is “The Loneliest Place,” a haunting and introspective album by singer-songwriter Kate Rose. Rose’s soulful voice and poetic lyrics are a perfect match for the sparse, atmospheric instrumentation on this album. Tracks like “Lost My Mind” and “Living in a Dream” showcase Rose’s ability to write deeply personal songs that still connect with a wider audience.

The second new release from RPS is “Postcards from the Edge,” a collaborative EP between indie rockers The Carousels and folk singer Emma Johnson. This EP is a lively and fun collection of songs, showcasing the talents of all three musicians. From the jangly guitars of “Postcard Blues” to the country twang of “My Heart Beats for You,” this EP is a masterclass in catchy, upbeat indie music.

What’s impressive about these releases is how they both push the boundaries of what RPS has done before. “The Loneliest Place” is a departure from the label’s more upbeat and pop-oriented releases, but it still feels like a natural fit. And “Postcards from the Edge” is a collaboration between three distinct artists, each with their own unique style, but it still feels cohesive and coherent.

But perhaps the most impressive thing about these releases is how they’re defying expectations. RPS is a small label, but with these releases, they’re proving that they can compete with the big players in the music industry. “The Loneliest Place” and “Postcards from the Edge” are albums that any major label would be proud to release, and yet they’re coming from this scrappy little indie label in the Midwest.

Ultimately, what makes these releases so special is the passion and dedication behind them. RPS is a label that’s committed to finding and promoting great indie music, and that shines through on these releases. With “The Loneliest Place” and “Postcards from the Edge,” they’re shattering expectations and proving that great music can come from anywhere.[ad_2]

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