[ad_1] Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) is a popular game played in many parts of the world. While it may seem like a simple game of chance, there are players who go to great lengths to improve their skills and compete at the highest level. The World RPS Society has even created a global ranking system that determines the world’s best players.

The World RPS Society was founded in 1918 by brothers Douglas and Graham Walker. The organization was established to promote the game and provide a platform for competitive play. The society has since grown, with members from around the world participating in tournaments and events.

The World RPS Society’s ranking system is based on a player’s performance in sanctioned tournaments and events. The system uses a point system, with points awarded for wins and deductions for losses. The more significant the tournament, the more points a player can earn.

The top-ranked RPS player in the world is Jason Simmons, also known as the “Pied Piper of RPS.” Simmons has won numerous national and international RPS tournaments and has been inducted into the RPS Hall of Fame. He has held the number one ranking since 2007 and is considered one of the best RPS players in history.

Other top-ranked players include Andrea Farina, who has won numerous RPS championships in Italy, and Tim Conrad, who has won multiple RPS titles in the United States. The rankings are not limited to individual players, with countries also being ranked based on their collective performance in RPS tournaments.

The United States is currently the top-ranked RPS country, followed by Canada and England. Japan, which is known for its love of games and technology, has also emerged as a strong RPS country in recent years.

While RPS may seem like a simple game, its competitive scene is both serious and worldwide. Players train intensely, analyze opponents’ moves, and develop strategies to gain an edge. The World RPS Society’s global rankings provide a glimpse into this fascinating and competitive world of RPS.

In conclusion, the global rankings of Rock, Paper, Scissors are proof that this simple game has evolved into a serious sport. With highly skilled players and competitive tournaments, RPS has become a worldwide phenomenon that deserves recognition. For those interested in this exciting game, the World RPS Society is a great resource to discover events and competitions near you.[ad_2]

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