[ad_1] For those looking for a fun and exceptionally unique way to travel the world, look no further than Rock Paper Scissors Travel (RPST). This company, founded in 2011, offers travelers the opportunity to embark on exciting adventures through the classic childhood game of Rock Paper Scissors.

How does it work? Participants in an RPST trip gather in a designated location, and organizers facilitate games of Rock Paper Scissors among the group. Those who win the most games get to choose a location and itinerary for that day, leading the group on a unique adventure through their chosen destination.

With RPST, travelers have the opportunity to explore new destinations, meet new people, and try new things in a way that is completely unexpected and full of surprises. The game of Rock Paper Scissors ensures that no two trips are alike, and participants are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience.

So far, RPST has hosted trips around the world, including in Europe, Central and South America, and Asia. Each trip is carefully curated by the organizers to offer a mix of culture, adventure, and fun.

One of the benefits of traveling with RPST is the sense of community that develops among participants. The shared experience of playing the game and exploring new destinations together creates a bond that lasts long after the trip is over. Many RPST participants have formed lasting friendships and even continue to travel together on future trips.

RPST also offers travelers the opportunity to give back to the communities they visit. On each trip, the company partners with local organizations to engage in service projects and give back to the places they visit.

Overall, Rock Paper Scissors Travel offers a unique and exciting way to see the world. With the element of surprise and the opportunity to make lasting connections with fellow travelers, RPST trips are a truly unforgettable experience. For those looking to embark on an adventure that is both fun and meaningful, RPST is the perfect choice.[ad_2]

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