[ad_1] On the first day of this month, the Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) organization made headlines once again. This time, they made an endorsement for a progressive candidate running for local office, sparking buzz and conversation among the community.

RPS, a global organization for the popular hand game, gained attention in the past years for their successful campaigns for charitable causes and social justice movements. Their participation in the Black Lives Matter protests and fundraising for COVID-19 relief efforts are just some of the recent examples of their activism.

Now, their latest move to endorse a political candidate is causing excitement among their supporters and the public alike. The chosen candidate, a young progressive running for city council, has been gaining traction with their platform focused on addressing local issues such as affordable housing, public transportation, and police reform.

The RPS endorsement comes as a surprise for some, as the organization has always maintained neutrality in politics. However, the decision to publicly support a candidate is a testament to their commitment towards creating positive change in their community.

The RPS organization has a large following, with members and enthusiasts from around the world. They have been actively encouraging their members to take part in local elections and to exercise their right to vote. With their endorsement, it is expected that more people will be inspired to participate in the upcoming elections and support the candidate they believe will bring about positive change in their neighborhood.

The announcement has also received some pushback from those who believe that RPS should not be involved in politics. However, the organization has responded to these criticisms, saying that they believe in using their platform to promote causes that align with their values.

Overall, the RPS endorsement has generated excitement and stirred up conversations about the upcoming election. It is a reminder that even small organizations can have a significant impact in their communities and that it is essential to use our platforms to promote positive change.

As the election approaches, it will be interesting to see the influence RPS will have on the outcome, and whether more organizations will follow suit in endorsing political candidates. Regardless, RPS has made it clear that they will continue to use their platform to advocate for the causes they believe in, and that is something to be celebrated.[ad_2]

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