[ad_1] Rock-paper-scissors, or RPS, is a classic game that has transcended generations. It’s a game that’s based on chance, but there’s also a real strategy involved in playing it. Over the years, RPS has turned into a serious competition, and there are even world rankings for the game. The latest results reveal which nation dominates the RPS world rankings.

The World Rock Paper Scissors Association (WRPSA) is the governing body for RPS and it hosts international championships. These championships bring together players from all over the world to compete for the title of RPS World Champion. The 2019 World RPS Championships were held in Toronto, Canada, and attracted competitors from over 20 countries.

The latest WRPSA world rankings were released after the conclusion of the 2019 World Championships, and they show that the United States is the dominant nation in RPS. The top 10 RPS players in the world are all Americans, with Canadian Bob Cooper being the only non-American in the top 20.

The current RPS World Champion is an American player named Tim Conrad, who defeated Canadian Ryan Roxborough in the final. Conrad is currently ranked number 1 in the world, followed by American players Matti Leshem and Matty “Ice” Bolofer.

The dominance of American players in RPS isn’t entirely surprising, as RPS has become a popular pastime in the U.S., with tournaments held in various cities throughout the year. Additionally, RPS is used in some American pop culture, appearing in television shows and movies.

However, while the U.S. is currently dominating the RPS world rankings, other nations are not to be underestimated. Canada, for instance, has a strong RPS community, and a Canadian player has won the World Championships twice in the past decade.

RPS may be a simple game, but it has turned into a competitive sport, with players dedicating themselves to mastering the game’s strategies. The WRPSA rankings show that the U.S. is currently the nation to beat in RPS, but as the game continues to grow in popularity and spread throughout the world, there’s no telling which nation will dominate the rankings in the future.[ad_2]

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