Seguin vs. Scheifele – Rock Paper Scissors Competition.

Professional NHL hockey players Tyler Seguin and Mark Scheifele both like to be the last players off the ice in their pre-game skate before games. In order to solve this standoff the pair used rock paper scissors.

Scheifele won the first game. This must have been difficult for Seguin to have taken the loss because the next game instead of going for a rematch he decided to fake out Scheifele.

This didn’t sit well with us, and we assume Scheifele didn’t enjoy it when he find out he had been duped by Seguin because when the pair met again we were lucky enough to witness Round 2.

Scheifele won again! Tyler Seguin and Mark Scheifele are both incredible hockey players, but also great rock paper scissors players, well maybe just Scheifele is a great rock paper scissors player. Will Seguin try to fake out Scheifele again in order to avoid the embarrassment of another loss of can we look forward to a round 3. If Seguin goes down 3 straight we think a punishment might be in order. We think he should check out some rock paper scissors strategies or our guide on how to win at rock paper scissors before the next game or give our book the Official Rock Paper Scissors Handbook a good read.

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