[ad_1] Rock-paper-scissors, or RPS, is a game that has been played by children for decades, but in recent years, it has gained popularity as a competitive sport. Participants from around the world compete in tournaments for cash prizes, and some have even turned their passion for RPS into a profitable business.

One such company is USA Rock Paper Scissors League (USRPS). Founded in 2006, the USRPS is the largest RPS organization in the United States, with over 50,000 registered members. The organization hosts local and national tournaments, and competitors can earn thousands of dollars in prize money.

Another RPS organization is the World Rock Paper Scissors Society (WRPS). Established in 2002, the WRPS hosts the annual World RPS Championship, which attracts competitors from around the globe. The event features a prize pool of $10,000, and the winner is crowned the World RPS Champion.

As RPS continues to gain popularity, businesses are also getting in on the action. Companies like Roshambo Clothing and RPS Gear offer apparel and accessories tailored to RPS enthusiasts. These items range from RPS-themed t-shirts and hats to RPS-themed socks and underwear.

In addition to merchandise, businesses are also offering services related to RPS. The RPS Academy, for example, is a website that offers tutorials and coaching to anyone looking to improve their RPS game. The site claims that their coaching has helped players win thousands of dollars in RPS tournaments.

The rise of RPS as a competitive sport and the growth of related businesses are evidence of the marketability of niche hobbies and interests. As long as there are passionate individuals who want to compete and improve their skills, there will be a market for products and services related to that interest.

In conclusion, the business of RPS is a thriving industry, with organizations, companies and individuals turning their passion for the game into profit. The popularity of RPS as a competitive sport has enabled businesses to offer merchandise and services tailored to RPS enthusiasts while creating opportunities for competitors to earn money from their hobby.[ad_2]

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