[ad_1] The world of competitive rock-paper-scissors (RPS) is already a niche one, but the emergence of the celebrity RPS scene has added another layer of fascination to this already quirky world. Over the years, many famous faces have tried their hand at competing in RPS tournaments, and the result has been an entertaining mix of drama, hilarity, and surprise.

So, who exactly is part of the celebrity RPS scene, and who reigns supreme? Let’s take a closer look.

First up, we have the celebrities who have dabbled in RPS but haven’t taken it too seriously. Actors like Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pratt have been known to play RPS on various talk shows and even during press junkets, but they haven’t gone as far as competing in official tournaments.

On the other hand, we have celebrities like Jack Black and Neil Patrick Harris, who have embraced the competitive nature of RPS and have even organized their own tournaments. Jack Black’s annual RPS tournament, dubbed “The Black Cup,” features a mix of celebrity and civilian players, while Neil Patrick Harris’ Magic Weekend event includes a RPS championship among its many activities.

And then there are the surprise contenders who suddenly emerge from the shadows. Take for instance Norm Kelly, a Toronto politician who gained national attention when he participated in the World RPS Championships in 2016. Kelly’s unassuming appearance and unlikely rise to fame made him a viral sensation, and even earned him a spot as a guest on The Ellen Show.

But when it comes to who reigns supreme in the celebrity RPS scene, there is one name that towers above the rest: Kevin Bacon. The actor’s legendary performance at the 2002 World RPS Championships, where he battled his way to the semi-finals, has cemented his place as the ultimate celebrity RPS player. Bacon’s RPS skills have even been referenced in various films and TV shows, including the hit NBC series, The Good Place.

So, there you have it – a brief overview of the celebrity RPS scene, its players, and its reigning champion. Whether you’re a seasoned RPS player or a curious observer, the celebrity RPS scene is definitely worth keeping an eye on for its mix of humor, drama, and unexpected surprises.[ad_2]

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