[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors, or RPS, is a simple hand game that has entertained generations of children and adults alike. A universal pastime played all over the globe, it is easy to learn and accessible to everyone. But with the rise of organized tournaments, RPS has become a global sport that has transcended cultural boundaries.

The Evolution of RPS Tournaments

The earliest known recorded RPS tournament dates back to Itoigawa, Japan in 2002. The tournament was born out of a schoolyard competition between two professors. It quickly gained widespread popularity and became an annual event in the city.

The concept of organized RPS tournaments gained traction soon after, with other cities and countries across the globe adopting it as a sport. The first US RPS Championship was held in 2006 in Las Vegas, and the World RPS Society was founded in Toronto in 2007.

International Perspective

Canada has remained a major hub for RPS tournaments. The country hosts regional and national championships, with the Canadian RPS Championship being held every year in Toronto. In 2012, the city hosted the World RPS Championship, which attracted competitors from different parts of the world.

RPS has become a popular sport in Australia, with the Australian RPS Championships being held annually since 2007. The event draws competitors from all over the country, with the winner earning the right to represent Australia at the World Championships.

In Europe, the European RPS Championships are held annually, with a different country hosting the event each year. The competition draws competitors from all over the continent and has played a major role in spreading the popularity of RPS in Europe.

China has also embraced RPS as a sport. The country has held national RPS championships since 2003, and the tournament has become a major spectator sport. The Chinese RPS Championships attract thousands of spectators who come to watch the best RPS players in the country compete against one another.


Rock Paper Scissors Tournaments have come a long way since the first organized tournament in Japan in 2002. Today, RPS is a global sport that brings together people from different cultures. With the advent of social media, it has become easier for organizers to promote RPS tournaments, increasing its popularity worldwide. RPS is a reminder of the power of simple games to create communities and unite people across cultures.[ad_2]

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