[ad_1] The music industry has undergone a significant revolution over the years, and the traditional model of record labels has been turned on its head. As advances in technology continue to reshape the way we consume music, the role of record labels has evolved. Today’s record labels play a more collaborative role, working alongside artists to nurture talent, build fan bases and release music in innovative ways.

One label that has taken a robust and forward-thinking approach to music is the Rock Paper Scissors Records (RPSR). RPSR is a Brooklyn-based independent record label that has been around since 2008. They pride themselves on being an artist-first label whose primary focus is to support and promote emerging talent.

With a roster of artists that spans genres, including indie-pop, folk, psychedelic rock, and electronic music, RPSR aims to provide an alternative to the major label system and put creativity over commercial concerns.

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed. The label has received critical acclaim and numerous acts have garnered media attention and gained considerable followings, including The Loom, Electric Eel Shock, and Rooms. The label has gained credibility because of its commitment to artists and the quality of their work.

RPSR has a unique distribution strategy, as they are a hybrid between an independent record label and a music distributor. They offer digital and physical distribution services, a streaming network, and consulting for independent artists. Artists have complete control over their music, and RPSR provides resources and guidance to make informed decisions about releasing their music.

Their distribution model ensures the artists’ music gets exposure and provides promotion services to help their discovery and get noticed. They also cater to the live music scene with the online platform Side Door Access. The platform helps artists connect with passionate music lovers, and fans can book secret shows at unique and memorable venues intimately.

Their non-profit arm, Rock Paper Scissors Foundation, has been a game-changer to music education. It empowers educators in under-resourced schools, teaching them how to utilize music to advance academic goals. They bring life to communities through music, assisting people of all ages with the tools for artistic freedom, expression, and inspiration.

In conclusion, Rock Paper Scissors Records has proven to be an innovative record label that believes in cultivating talent and creativity. They embrace the fluidity of the music industry and offer services that benefit the artist first. The label has filled a gap in the music industry by prioritizing artistic integrity over commercialization. They have provided a new generation of artists and music lovers with endless opportunities, a refreshing approach to music entertainment.[ad_2]

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