Rock Paper Scissors Referee Guide.

Is that cheating?!


Are you looking to get a well-respected referee place in the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game?

Do you feel that you have the confidence to make the crucial Win or Lose decisions?

Or maybe you are already an “RPS” player who wants to get better, master all the rules, and understand what a professional referee is looking at during the game?

If you answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions, please read on…


If you are new to the “RPS” game, you may have never heard about the referee position and how important it is.

On the over side, if you already have quite a bit of experience, you already know that this is a person that solves all the conflicts on the amateur level and is vital in professional games where all the moves are critical.

That being said, I would like to invite you to become that man or woman who is willing to take on the heat and make those tough decisions that mean the world to the players no matter if they are professionals or just a couple of amateurs using the game to solve conflicts.

Here is just a fraction of what’s inside:

  • The Game’s Fundamental Rules – every player and the referee has to know these rules, so read carefully (for beginners only!)
  • 5 Keys To Becoming A World-Class Referee (go through one at a time and practice!)
  • What are the most important etiquette rules players have to follow?
  • Cheating, and or Not Cheating? And when you have to disqualify one or both players?
  • Illegal Conduct and Equipment – what you have to look for before the game even starts and when it’s already going?
  • Three players or more? Here is how you judge!
  • How businesses and charities can use “Rock, Paper, Scissors?”
  • Much much more…

And you don’t need to be a world-class player to turn your career around.

This book is a perfect option for people who want to gain those powerful skills and confidence to make a difference in every “RPS” game as a world-class referee!

So don’t wait, scroll up, click on “Buy Now” and Start Reading!

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