Learn about the Oklahoma Sooners Rock Paper Scissors.

Learn about the Oklahoma Sooners Rock Paper Scissors. When it comes to football games, the celebrations are the most fun part of the game. You will a unique sense of happiness when you witness a celebration after winning the game by your favourite team. You will be amazed to hear the story of the rock-paper-scissors celebration of the Oklahoma football players.

The beginning:

It started in the summers when the players were looking for a justified way to make a teammate do the chores for every person. The Oklahoma Sooners who are all extremely skilled started to play the rock paper scissors so that the loser will do the laundry.

This duel became very competitive and the players started playing a smaller version at the training camp whenever they score a touchdown. when the season started, this became the norm of the game.

During the opener season of Oklahoma against the Florida Atlantic, which was a decisive win by 63-14. In the game, quarterback Kyler Murray met Marquise Brown for a touchdown during the second quarter. For the celebration, the two joined at the end zone for a small match of rock paper scissors where Murray’s scissors cut Brown’s paper.

The other weekend, Brown scored on a 58 yard and battled with Myles tease. On the next drive of Sooners, Murray scored on 10 yards out and met with Brown again, and lost by paper against scissors.

The celebration trend:

This celebration became the trend and it goes beyond Norman. Clemson’s Renfrow won from defensive lineman Wilkins after they found the end zone. Today high school teams are also doing it and the NFL is also having the fun. Robert Woods and Todd Gurley did the rock paper scissors celebration after the Ram’s opening score. Moreover, Odel Beckham Junior and Saquon Barkley were seen playing this on the NY giants bench during the preseason game. It will not be wrong to say that athletes who play America’s most difficult past time seek pleasure in America’s easiest pasttime.

What do players say about it?

According to Brown who has been Murray’s favourite opponent in Oklahoma says that it’s been a fun thing for them. He adds that it has been his most played game during the childhood and now he is finding pleasure in playing it with the team. He says that the team plays it for everything including the bills of the meal eaten that day.

The origin of the game:

Though the origin of the rock paper scissors, is very debated and highly mysterious, it is said that it began in Egypt around 2000 BCE while some claim that it originated from Eastern Asia many centuries later. The only thing that is for sure is that it is played in various cultures of the world by many names including frog snake slug used in East Asia or ant elephant man played in Indonesia. However the rule remains the same where scissors cut paper, paper wrap rock and rock beats the scissors. The game is a test of decision making and human psychology.

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