[ad_1] As children, we all learned the game of Rock Paper Scissors, but did you know that this simple game is now being used for a greater cause? Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) charities are popping up all over the world, using the game as a fundraising tool to support various social causes.

The idea behind RPS charities is to use the playful nature of the game to encourage people to donate money to a worthy cause. Participants make a donation, then play a game of RPS against a competitor. The winner receives a prize, often donated by local businesses or organizations supporting the cause.

One of the most widely known RPS charities is the World RPS Society, which raises money for various charities, including breast cancer research, disaster relief efforts, and hunger drives. They have organized several international tournaments and events, and have donated thousands of dollars to various charities.

Another RPS charity is the RPS Lizard Spock Charity Challenge, which raises money for Doctors Without Borders. This organization also hosts tournaments and challenges, encouraging people to donate to help provide medical care to those in need.

Beyond the fundraising aspect, RPS charities offer a unique opportunity to bring people together and create a community around a common goal. The lighthearted nature of the game makes it accessible to people of all ages, and encourages friendly competition and fun.

While RPS charities may seem like a simple concept, they are making a significant impact. Through playful competition and community building, they are raising awareness and funds for important causes. So next time you find yourself playing a game of rock paper scissors, consider making a donation and joining the movement towards positive change.[ad_2]

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