Priming Phase In Rock Paper Scissors.

The Priming Phase In Rock Paper Scissors game, like any other game, has a planning phase. Apart from the preparations RPS tournaments organizers are expected to make, there are some other arrangements that the players themselves should make for their own benefit. This priming phase has almost if not already become an essential part of the process of winning an RPS game. This article will exhaustively discuss those things that must be settled and taken care of in the priming phase before an RPS game. It should be noted that this planning is geared toward helping the player in one way or the other.

Embracing The Atmosphere Of The Venue

The venue has an influence on a player’s preparedness. It contains some of those things that must be effectively dealt with before the match. One is that the player does not want to feel strange in the venue and at the same time, he wants to have control of everything that goes on around him during the match. If this is the case, then he must do these three things before the match.

·        The Pre-Match Sight

It is ideal to get to the venue of the match hours before. This is to allow the player the time to survey the venue and get acquainted with the atmosphere of the place. He needs to take it all in. There is a psychological effect to this. It makes the player aware of his environment and become conscious. More importantly, it helps boost confidence levels. It is advisable for an RPS player to get settled and comfortable in the venue before the match. The body is able to adapt to the venue, and the mind is well-rested too.

·        Find A Comfortable Locker Room Before The Match

In the course of settling in before the match, the player, while surveying the venue, may seek the locker room that he wants to stay during the game. Although this is not essential, it helps the player gain build control over his game as his confidence is increased by being in a place where he feels comfortable and at ease. Again, this is psychological.

·        Handle The Crowd

Whether the player likes it or not, the crowd has come to stay in every RPS game. Spectators are allowed into the venue to witness the game and show support for their favorite players or throws. Of course, they are acting within the confines of the RPS regulations and will not be denied entrance as long as they do not try to influence the game or perpetrate any form of cheating. However, the raving atmosphere may alter the concentration of the players. It is left to every player to practice mindfulness and ensure that he is not distracted by the shouts and roars.

Act Professional Even If You Are Not

The truth is that the Rock Paper Scissors game requires professionalism. Yes, beginners may try their luck, but without some certain level of experience and skill, they cannot go far in the game. This is organizers for RPS tournaments are always trying to ensure that only professional players are enrolled. Although, doing this does not give the assurance that a player will act professionally as the case may be, however, it does signify that any player in the tournament must at least have a strong grip of the game. One of the preparations a player should make is to act professionally before and during the game.

The way you approach the venue, how you carry yourself, and the way you act are all signals that can be read. Should an opponent sense that a player appears like a novice, he might become aggressive to unease and intimidate that player. A player should carry himself as though he is at the same level or even better than his opponent even if he is not. It is simple, fake it till you become it.

Handle Yourself

Self-management is one of the crucial factors that will help you define the game when it is being played. As a player who wants to get hold of the match, handle your opponent, and get the best out of the game, you must be ready to activate some things in yourself. These things will not only help you build up yourself with the necessary knowledge you need for the match, but it will also boost your confidence, morale, and ultimately your chances of winning.

·        Don’t Be Swayed By The Opponent.

Part of the preparations a player needs to make in the process of handling himself is to learn to be unmoved by his opponent. This is especially true in pre-match meetings or conferences where some aggressive opponents may throw offensive remarks or try to intimidate the other players. Some opponents may even try to mislead the other player by talking about a move. For instance, a player may say to the public that “Rocks are for beginners.” Upon hearing this, the opponent may think Rock will come in handy but may not know that he was being tricked into thinking the former will not fancy throwing Rock. He is sure to end up in the cold hands of Paper. In essence, a player must learn not to be moved or intimidated by his opponent at any point.

·        Master Your Strategies

Before the match, an RPS player needs to go over his strategies again and again in order to perfect his preparations. This will help him master his throws. In the process, he may be able to develop and set aside a series of strategic throws to save himself in the moment of disaster. Mastering strategies will help the player stay focused and unmoved by any form of distractions.

·        Study Your Opponent

In most professional tournaments, players take their time to watch their opponents’ previous games. The essence of this is to learn how the opponent reads his game and execute his strategies. By doing this, the player is able to take careful notice of his opponent’s movement. In crucial and deciding moments, what the player has gained from watching his opponent play may just be what would save him. If a player wants to be able to handle his opponent, he must learn his moves and strikes him when and where he seems weak. As the player reads his opponent, he can organize his strategies against the opponent and carry them out without delay or frustration.

·        Be Mindful, Always

This cannot be underestimated in the RPS game. The game is a psychological game, and that means a player’s mind must be in the game at all times. Whether it is before or during the game, mindfulness is everything to a player’s level of preparedness. A player who intends to control the game and win his opponent should always have his mind in the game. He should not consider the tense atmosphere, raving spectators, or the tricks to unease him by his opponent. A player that loses his mind will lose the game.

Never Rely On Cheating

The rules of the RPS game do not in any way condone any form of cheating. As a result, there are strict regulations against trying to manipulate the game in favour of one against the other. Cheating can be perpetrated by the players themselves, by the referee, or by a spectator conniving with any of the players. However, it is the players that are usually found in the cases of cheating. As a result of the strong position of the RPS authorities against cheating, disqualification has been the quick and instant punishment meted out on players discovered to have cheated during the game. For players, cheating can be throwing illegal moves, frequent delay of throws, or speaking derogatory remarks against an opponent during the game.

Trust The Referee With Your Score

As a player, it is usually difficult to keep track of the score. This is because the mind is focused on the game and could be distracted by trying to remember the score. Therefore, the only person that can accurately keep the score is the referee in charge of the game. The player needs not to disturb himself by trying to do the job of the referee or exhibiting doubts as to the credibility of the referee in keeping score. Doing this may ultimately distract him. A professional RPS player who wants to win should concentrate on the game and trust the referee to keep his score straight and accurate.

Skillset Is Not Enough, Hope For Luck

Two things are complementary to each other in the Rock Paper Scissors game. They are skill and luck. If you have ever heard an RPS player lamenting he had a bad match despite having the skill, luck must have been far from him. In the same way, a player cannot rely on luck only. It is dangerous that way. We can say luck is when preparation meets opportunity. In other words, luck can only come to aid when the player has everything else under control. A player should be confident about his abilities before the game. As long as he has the skill, he can improve on his gameplay during the game. Eventually, luck might just smile on him.

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