[ad_1] Rock paper scissors is a game that may take some of us back to our childhoods, but did you know that it has surprising benefits when used in the workplace? The game is commonly used in decision-making situations and conflict resolution.

1. Quick Decision-Making

Rock paper scissors can help teams make quick decisions when faced with a predicament. It is an easy way to come to a resolution without a lengthy drawn-out discussion about the pros and cons of each option. This can speed up the decision-making process in the workplace.

2. Improving Relationships

Rock paper scissors can improve social relations among colleagues. It allows employees to bond and have fun, leading to more increased productivity and better teamwork, specifically by reducing tensions and stress.

3. Conflict Resolution

Rock paper scissors is an excellent tool for conflict resolution. If teams cannot come to an agreement on a particular issue, they could use this game to figure out who has to give in or what to do, thereby avoiding prolonged fights and misunderstandings.

4. Improved Creativity and Problem-Solving Abilities

Rock paper scissors game has a breathtaking ability to boost creativity and problem-solving abilities. While participating in the game, one has to think on their feet and analyze what their opponents will choose, thereby improving the brain’s logic and creativity.

5. Better Collaboration

A good team is one that collaborates effectively. By playing rock paper scissors, team members can learn to work together and come to a common conclusion. This shared experience can lead to better communication and encourage employees to take ownership of the skills they get.


In conclusion, rock paper scissors isn’t just a child’s game. It has significant benefits when incorporated into the workplace, including improving decision-making speed, enhancing creativity and problem-solving, reducing tension and stress, and fostering better collaboration among colleagues. It may just be the game-changer that your workplace needs to boost morale, productivity and, overall, the working atmosphere.[ad_2]

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