[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors may seem like a child’s game, but it has become a competitive sport for many adults around the world. In this seemingly simple game, players form three shapes with their hands, and each shape beats one and loses to another. Two players show their shape simultaneously, and whoever wins the round goes on to the next round.

Many of us have played this game, but not everyone can become a champion. The champions of Rock Paper Scissors are not always the ones you would expect. Some of these unlikely heroes have fascinating tales of how they stumbled upon success in this game.

David Crampton, a librarian from Ontario, Canada, discovered his love for the game while playing with his colleagues. In 2017, he went on to win the World Rock Paper Scissors Championship in Toronto. His strategy was simple: to observe his opponents and guess their next move. Crampton’s win proved that even a quiet librarian can become a champion.

Another unexpected champion is Katie Bradley, a former stay-at-home mom from Las Vegas. Bradley started playing the game with her children to pass the time, but she soon found herself competing in national championships. Her unique style of using her own secret code to decide her moves helped her win the 2017 National Rock Paper Scissors Championship.

Then there is Dan Rollman, a documentarian who learned the game while researching a video project. When he realized he was pretty good, he became obsessed with the game and went on to win the US National Rock Paper Scissors Championship in 2006. Rollman, who also holds world records for other skills, is now a key organizer and promoter of the game.

These unexpected champions of Rock Paper Scissors have proven that anyone can become a champion with the right mindset and some practice. What makes this game so fun and exciting is anyone can win, regardless of their background or skill level. It’s a game that requires quick thinking, strategy, and the ability to read your opponent.

Whether you’re a librarian, a mom or a documentarian, Rock Paper Scissors is a game that can bring people together and create unforgettable memories. Perhaps one day, you too could become an unlikely hero of this timeless game.[ad_2]

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