[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors, the classic children’s game, has transcended into an international competitive sport. The game may seem simple, but the strategy and psychology behind it make it a thrilling tournament game. As the popularity of the game has grown, so have the stories of the world’s greatest players. Here are some of their untold stories.

Natsuki Akaishi

Natsuki Akaishi is a well-known RPS player from Japan. She became famous in 2006 when she won the 1st World RPS Championships, held in Toronto, Canada. She was the first woman to win the tournament and the first Japanese person to win a world championship in RPS. Akaishi’s technique is to read her opponent’s subtle movements, which allows her to predict what they will throw next.

Toru Hanai

Toru Hanai is another RPS player from Japan, who is known for his hypnotic staring technique. Hanai looks directly into his opponent’s eyes, making them uncomfortable and causing them to second-guess their throws. He is also known for his “omikuji toss,” where he uses a traditional Japanese fortune-telling method to predict his opponent’s next move.

Andrew Bergel

Andrew Bergel is a world-renowned RPS player from the USA. He is the founder of the World RPS Society and has been featured on major news networks worldwide. Bergel is known for his signature “fake throw,” where he pretends to throw a particular hand sign, causing his opponent to counter with a hand sign that Bergel can predict and counter.

Marijn Mittendorff

Marijn Mittendorff is a Dutch RPS player, who is known for her unconventional throwing technique. She plays with her feet instead of her hands. The technique seems to work for her, as she won the World Toe Wrestling Championships in addition to several RPS competitions.

Masaaki Shimizu

Masaaki Shimizu is a Japanese RPS player, who is known for his psychological warfare techniques. He intimidates his opponents by staring at them, making sharp movements, and shouting, causing them to lose focus and throw the wrong sign.


These RPS players are just a few of the many who have taken the game to a whole new level. Their techniques and strategies are diverse and inventive, making it a fascinating game to watch and play at the highest level. While RPS may have once been dismissed as a simple game, it has now become a serious sport with international tournaments and championships. Who knows what other untold stories are waiting to be discovered in this exciting world of Rock Paper Scissors?[ad_2]

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