[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors is a game that most of us played as children, but did you know that there is a competitive scene for this iconic game? What’s more, women are proving to be a dominant force on the circuit, breaking gender stereotypes and winning tournaments.

In the past, the world of competitive gaming has been famously male-dominated. However, in recent years, a new wave of female players has emerged, challenging the status quo. This includes Rock Paper Scissors, where women have consistently been winning tournaments and setting records.

One such player is the American, Laura Percival. Percival is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Rock Paper Scissors, having won multiple championships and consistently ranking high in the World RPS Society’s leaderboard. She even holds the record for the fastest win in the game’s history, a mere 87 milliseconds!

Another female player making waves in the Rock Paper Scissors scene is the Australian, Karen Kwan. Kwan first burst onto the scene in 2009, when she won the World Championships held in Toronto. Since then, she has continued to excel in the game, recently ranking 3rd in the World RPS Society’s leaderboard.

These women are not the exception, either. Many other female players have made significant strides in the world of competitive Rock Paper Scissors, including American players, Kim Hayward, and Stacy Kranitz, and Australian, Connie Kakoschke.

So what sets these women apart from their male counterparts? For starters, some attribute their success to a more strategic and analytical approach to the game. As Percival explains in an interview with The Guardian, “In RPS competitions, you don’t win on chance, you win on skill. There’s a strategy of reading an opponent, you can pick up on patterns quickly, and there are all sorts of mind games involved.”

It’s also worth acknowledging that these women are defying gender stereotypes by excelling in a game that has typically been associated with male competitiveness. As Kwan notes in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, “People presume that RPS is always going to be a male-dominated game because it’s aggressive, and it’s physical sometimes. But actually, it’s just another game, and anyone can play and have success in it.”

It’s essential to celebrate the achievements of these women in the Rock Paper Scissors scene. Not only are they breaking down gender barriers in competitive gaming, but they are proving that success in this field is not exclusive to men. As more and more women enter the arena, it will be exciting to see how the Rock Paper Scissors scene evolves and grows in new directions.[ad_2]

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